Messi Annoys Drogba In The Latest Turkish Airlines Advertisement!

The latest Turkish Airlines advertisement starring Barca star Lionel Messi and Chelsea star striker Didier Drogba has caught everyone’s eye with it’s humor where both are seen squaring off with each other, albeit in a different role.

Though both of them have faced off each other on the field a number of times, this advertisement is a bit different (actually quite hilarious) where both of seem to be vying for a global appeal. The advertisement shows Drogba flying down to various destinations including Nepal, Siberia and Japan in a bid to establish himself as a global star, but finds himself annoyed when he sees a autographed picture of his rival already hanging there; implying the Argentine star’s presence well before Drogba reached there!

Drogba finally believes he has got the better of Messi when he boards a plane to leave Messi behind and gives an autograph to the plane’s airhostess and the chef. However, he doesn’t know that he has been overshadowed by the Argentine for a second time as the advertisement shows Messi’s face painted on the plane!

Clearly it’s Messi all the way!

Do catch this amazingly funny video starring the two football superstars.

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