Meet our local expert from Bangalore: Mr. Rajan


Mr.Rajan has served in the Army for twenty years, traveled to almost every place in India you can think of and with him traveling will be an act of discovering because with someone who knows how to relate historical significance with a place, travel can only get much more interesting.

We got into conversation with him recently to know about his travel experiences and what traveling means to him.

1) You have traveled a lot across the length and breadth of India. Which place did you personally like the most and why?

Kulu Manali. It was an eye popping natural beauty, of soaring snow capped mountains, snow melted blue frothy rivers, abundance of fruit trees, cool climate and friendly colourful locals.

2) Every place has its own history. How important according to you is  the need to have an insight about the history of the place necessary for making the most of the travel experience?

Knowing the history of a place , will make the place come alive, its past will flit across the present, and make you feel as though a story is unfolding before you.

3) Travelling to you is….NIRVANA

4) Can you please provide a brief introduction to our tourists about your background, your experience as an Army Officer and your travelling experiences.

I served in the Indian Army for close to twenty years , travelled the length and breadth of the country and stayed and absorbed the cultural diversity and unique customs of each region.

5) What according to you is the best thing about travelling in India? 

Food, hotel stay and conveyance are all reasonably cheap compared to other countries. Less developmemt and modernisation means tourist locations are less crowded, nature is untouched and pristine, people stick to local dresses, food habits and festivities without too much of westernisation.

The vastness of the country ensures tourists see varieties of languages , dresses , cuisine , climates, and sceneries like mountain resorts , lakes and backwaters , beaches and wild life , all in a single country.

Are you interested in taking a walk through Bangalore city with him? Check out his expert experience here.

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