Let’s Food-O-Doodle : Savoring the Best Indian Delicacies

Everyday, we run for work, for studies or just burn our minds in the sinking abyss of worries. But today, we’ve gotta get out of our minds and taste the delicacies that are just waiting to touch our lips. We Indians have always been obsessed with our food and the culinary cuisines of our states. So, why not make it more interesting and enjoyable.

But first, we’ve gotta jump out and doodle about the seamless quantity of exclusive cuisines that are there around us. And mind you, after this trip, don’t try to show that you had a good diet because the calorie intake you’re about to experience will shame all the calorie limits of a normal human being. So, let’s roll with the list of delicacies.

Dosa | Image Credits: Sanjay Bora

First up, is a gift from South India and a personal favourite-“Masala Dosa and Idli-Sambhar“. Known to be the most popular breakfast and snack food, it is a really delicious snack and is quite simple. Made from rice, pulses and a mix of vegetables, you wouldn’t mind finishing off the plate in a few minutes. Another great food from South India is “Upma” and “Uthappam”. Both made through similar types of process, these foods have won over the hearts of all Indians and is the most popular feast.

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Next in the line is a delicacy from North India and the most famous supper food, “Dal Makhni and Naan”. It is just a normal Indian diet but is really delicious and one of the most exclusive dinners in all of North India. With it, the most famous diet one can assume to be present in Northern States is obviously “Paranthas” along with “Samosas, Jalebi and Bread Pakora”. These are foods which can give you immense pleasure but an equal immense worry about your diet. With a big brick of butter on one and being fried on the other hand, these really catch the attention of tourists and one should really try them, and mind the words – “Only Try Them”.

Jalebi | Image credits: avishekclicks

Other than these, there are many other foods that no one actually knows about. If anyone visited the Indian Street Food Festival in March -April 2014 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi, then he/she would have come face to face with so much of foods that they would have decided to skip their food for the next two days.

Assamese Pitha and other dishes
Assamese Pitha and other dishes

One interesting feature at the fair was the presence of local vendors who supply people with exotic but really unknown things. One such food was the “Assamese Pithas”. It was a rice based muffin and a rice bread toasted on a small pan and served with green sauce and jaggery. The really exasperating combination turned out to be a huge success at the fair. No  one had expected it’s price to be Rs. 20. But, that truly was one great meal.

Other great foods were the Bengali fishes, the Rajasthani meals, The Gujarati gifts and the Central Indian delicacies.

Well, that’s all folks. Now, it’s your time to jingle and mingle and add a little spice to your life. So, Let’s jump and Do a Food-O-Doodle.