Let’s Dance in the Konark Festival !!

When there’s a hearty combo of music and dance in front on you, then your feet automatically grab the rhythm. And that felling is provided by nothing but the Konark Dance and Music Festival. One of the most stupendous festivals held in the state of Orrisa, the festival is organised by it’s Founder-Director “Padma Shree Guru Gangadhar Pradhan“.

The event’s legacy came into existence in 1986 and since then, it has gained immense popularity and audience. The contest is organised at an international level and dancers from different states of India as well as different countries are invited to break the dance floor.

The festival takes a start with a hearty welcome to the visitors and to the participants. After that, a round full of competitions in exquisite dance forms takes the stage. The dance forms are chosen and executed by the Konark Nritya Mandap which is the super most organizing authority of the festival.

Konark Festival
Image Credits : Marina Makhova

The objectives of the Festival according to the organisers is to preserve, promote and project the rich cultural heritage of Orissa and to infuse cultural awareness in the minds of all, through organization of dance, music and cultural festivals all round the year.

The Nritya Mandap has played a significant role in the famous Konark Dance & Music Festival, organized every year from 19th to 21st of February. Apart from that, the Konark Natya Mandap acts as a school of exclusive dance lessons. Following the glorious traditions, Guru Kula Parampara, it provides teaching and training in dance, music and yoga.

The most magnificent and traditional dance forms that are chosen for the festival are Odissi Dance, Gotipua Dance, Chhau Dance, Mardal, Tabla, Odissi Vocal and all other forms of Orissan art and culture which are conducted in the premises of Konark Natya Mandap.

Music at Konark festival

Experienced gurus and teachers share their experience with students who get the privilege of presenting their skills on the three stages (Open Air Auditorium) erected in the premises. Many other unknown dance forms like the Sankirtan, Paika Akhada, Pala, Daskathia, Ramalila etc. are also performed on festive occasions like Basanta Panchami, Ram Nabami, Kumar Purnima, Raja Utsav, Akshaya Trutiya, Dola Utsav, Siva Ratri, Janmastami, Saraswati Puja, Jhulana Purnima and on a few other occasions.

india orissa konark dance festival
Image Credits : Marina Makhova

The city’s full of dance and it’s magic. The people dance, their tongue dances, their feet dances, their heart dances and most of all the love for their heritage dances. So, why not take a tour across this serene festival. It won’t take your breath away but it’s like One in a Million thing.

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