Kolkata – It’s not just a city, it’s an experience! Welcome to the City of Joy!

Yes. The City of Joy has more reasons than you fathom, for a visit! Welcome and experience a unique amalgamation!

New Market

New Market Kolkata
Photo by Rajarshi MITRA

Situated in the Lindsay Street, this large shopping arcade is your place to go if you’ve a fancy for marketing. Why? Because almost all you need is here! The actual market building which displays the Victorian Gothic style, was originally named the Hogg Market and has been opened to public since in 1874. With time, there was mushrooming of shops, vendors, street food stalls, that gave it the current shape and now generally, the whole area of Lindsay street is referred to as the New Market. It surely calls for a visit for a shopping experience!

And oh! The wide choice of cuisines is sure to tingle your taste buds!

Eco Park, New Town

Who says the city lacks adventure? Welcome to Eco Park, a patch of green in the concrete jungle!

Spread over an area of 480 acres in New Town, the eco park came into existence in December 2012. Basically it’s an ecological park, with it’s share of flora- ranging from flower plants to exotic and endemic trees, what makes Eco Park different is it’s subtle effort at adventure sports like kayaking, water xorbing, boating, archery- to name a few. Not quite an amusement park, but a blend of nature and human intervention. Blend- is it too exclusive a habit for Kolkata?!

College Street

The flavour of Kolkata at its very epitome! A unique amalgamation of culture- literature, arts, science, politics; a place that has historically witnessed revolutions of social, cultural and political backgrounds.

Streets which once witnessed the footsteps of the likes of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Manna de, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Satyajit Ray and many more such eminent figures across time, wind up into The Indian Coffee House.

Indian Coffee House Kolkata
Indian Coffee House in Kolkata | Photo by Subhendu Sarkar

Also referred as simply the ‘Coffee House’, is proof enough of its reputation as a hub of intellectual personalities mingling and sharing their thoughts. And this joint is probably the one café that even has a song dedicated to it! Once you step inside it’s imperial structure, you are endowed and humbled by it’s heritage importance that of course if you’re aware of the long list of it’s famous customers. If not for the aroma of the coffee, this place calls for a visit for the very essence of it! And who knows, what thoughts you might be gifted with!

Ok, now moving out from the Coffee House, and to your left is now the famous Presidency College! And to it’s left is the Calcutta University. Nearby, quite a few prominent educational institutes like the Medical College and Hospital, Sanskrit Collegiate etc. are present.

Let’s take a stroll among this book stacks to College Square, shall we? College Square is basically a lake, with no such specialty, except that it offers the people a recluse from the inferno of heaving outside. The square was the epicentre of one crucial episode of the Indian freedom struggle – the Swadeshi Movement in 1914, during which tons of foreign products were collected, and set ablaze in a massive fire.

It’s hardly possible that even someone who is not much into books wouldn’t be flabbergasted by the vast emporium of books. If there’s a heaven for bookworms, then that’s college street lovingly called ‘boi para’ (colony of books). The 1.5 km stretch boasts of small and large bookstores, pavement hawkers, and even several big publishing houses of India.

Perhaps, you’ll hardly find a travel guide mentioning these places, but a visit to this would make you realise what makes Kolkata so different! The unique amalgamation of the old and the new- in every sense of the words!

Time travel, anyone? Then the lanes of Kolkata await you!

Featured Image Credits : Maciej Dakowicz

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