A Kodai family moon

Yes, if you wondered and re-read the title…..then you read it right !

We had our family moon in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India. After our wedding in sizzling Chennai, we asked our respective families to take a trip together to relax, recuperate and breathe. After all, planning and successfully hosting an Indian wedding was not one for the faint-hearted ! This was also an opportunity for the newly bonded families to create memories and experiences together. We wanted to extend the love we shared for each other to our families. 


Our trip started in good spirits and Kodai weather proved to be a welcome break for all of us. We were also favoured by the fact that it was off-peak season for travel to this particular place.


I looked out of the window in anticipation to spot the Bonnet Macaque endemic to south India. Did you know they live to be over 30 years old !

Our trip included easy walks around the pine forests, woods, lake and pretty much any place we fancied stopping en-route. So long you can speak the local tongue – tamil, you will be alright to look around without needing a tourist or a local host. A lot of the attractions are sign posted, failing which, if you notice a crowd with a bunch of shops around and parked cars, you are bound to be close to a local visitor attraction! At least that is what we did and it worked for us. 


Our day included the obvious choice of recreation – boating ! It was fun. We also got to hear some memorable stories from the parents. Funnily enough, they visited Kodaikanal following their wedding for the ‘honeymoon’. We were chuckling at their yesteryear experiences doing the exact same thing – boating !


Our hearts full,  we realised we needed to get our tummies full. 


We had chai and chilli bhajis like there was no tomorrow !


A little browsing lead us to loads of speciality and gift shops around the Kodai lake.



Home-made oils, lotions, soaps, handicraft items, spices, jewellery, chocolates…the list was endless.



It was indeed a treat to the senses. In every manner possible!


It seemed like a rather quiet day for businesses. 


And clearly the locals wasted no time between work. If you haven’t noticed yet, try again. Can you see a group of men playing carrom?! An entertaining game thought to have its origins from India, carrom also happens to be one of my favourites.


Our next stop was pillar rocks. Although covered in dense fog, the experience was one to remember as we managed to click umpteen family pictures using a tripod. We laughed. We talked. We walked. We also ate (more) 🙂


Hot peanuts are a popular snack offered in hill stations.


My mind was also set on getting my hands on those yummy corns. Nothing like a spiced, hot, coal-roasted corn to go!


We explored the pine forests.


We visited Guna caves.

IMG_0703_FotorWe shopped more near the Green valley view, formerly known as the suicide point of Kodaikanal. The steps leading up to the view is packed with shops and entertainment, including balloon shooting.


We also visited a mountain top temple named Kurunji Andavar temple. The handicraft shops next to the temple had an amazing collection of art. If you are collector, be sure to visit the place! The shop owner is devoted to his trade and loves promoting local art and artisans. It was refreshing to meet someone with so much passion and love in something he firmly believes in. He had many dreams. I wished for it to become a reality and reluctantly left the shop with two full bags.


Our last stop was coakers walk. The winding path leads you to fascinating views of the valley below.


IMG_5125_FotorAlthough it is only a short stroll, it is very much enjoyable.


Our trip spanned over 2 nights and 3 days and it was definitely one to remember. I would thoroughly recommend a family moon to all families after wedding. ‘Especially’, after a wedding ! Of course, we had our honeymoon in Maldives (that’s a whole other story I will have to save for another day!) but, the idea of a trip together, even if it is only a short one, proved to be priceless. 


Yes, we laughed till our stomach hurt and someday I hoped that we can do this all over again.

Kodaikanal was perfect.

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