Kasauli: perfect travel destination for this summer

Who said that the elements of beauty come in packages bigger than the beauty itself? Kasauli proudly checks it false. The little station guarded by hills finds its strength in its smallness. Enveloped by a plethora of absolute nothingness but sheer tranquility, Kasauli is a cantonment town built during the British Raj. Well speaking in the language of frankness there’re no such attractions in Kasauli but just the feel of that unmisted rejuvenating breeze. Kasauli is something more than just a hill station; it’s a world in itself that makes you its victim once you land up there.

Driving up to Kasauli is nothing but a sheer feast to the driving frenzy inside you. In case you start off from Delhi take the G.T. Karnal Road that takes you to Kasauli in a geographical span of just 330 Kilometres.

This small town has an aura about it and thus staying in calmness surrounded by that exuberant aura wouldn’t that bad and expensive an idea. Kasauli is always upto to serving its visitors with beautiful colonial rooms at the most pocket friendly tariffs. The three most sought after places of stay in Kasauli include Alesia, Maurice and Rosscommon. The food may not be that lucrative as the hilly people generally live a very simple life and prefer something out of the usual box after long intervals thus don’t be shell shocked if the waiter looks at you in stupefaction when asked for a plate of some continental non-vegetarian delicacy. The hotels are over 80 to 100 years old and the speed of the staff is quite slow that kind of synchronises with the town’s odometer. Two shifts down from the usual city life Kasauli is a place to relax, to enjoy the sunset sitting in the huge lawns of the hotels or sipping some rum and beer in front of the fireplace of the main-hall of the room you have got to yourself. Liquor is very cheap in Kasauli and yet the tastiest, you wouldn’t have had a tastier Old Monk. And why wouldn’t it be? Kasauli has got to boast of one of the largest breweries in India. No matter staying in Kasauli wouldn’t be that heavy on wallet but food prices are something to think of before ordering.

A treat to the vision and to the mind

Timber Trails Ropeway – For this one single time in your life stop thinking about your vertigo issue and take the enthralling opportunity of seeing the ground below from some 2000 feet above it. It was some 15 years back when the capsule ride had started with a charge of some INR 15 and today the same ride has gone up to some 650 INR.

Just! Let it go – The stress, the cacophony, the rush, the bustle of the city makes the person inside us wind up into manyfolds and Kasauli is the best place to chill and let the stress go. It seems as if the very wind and air of kasauli screams out to u – “Just! Let it go…”.

Feel the Sip – You wouldn’t have had got a better taste of Old Monk, Red wine or even fruit beers. The apple beer exclusively made and sold in Kasauli is something more rejuvenating that the normal beer we city people drool around. Sit with your drink with the vast sea of serenity all around and watch the evening pass in what we call as the absolute “Shaanti”.

Kasauli Brewery
The oldest brewery in Asia- Kasauli Brewery | Credits: Pratishtha Chauhan

Some of the places of interest are the Christ church, The Kasauli Brewery and the Monkey Point.

Some places to drop by

Chandigarh – the capital of two states – Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh is at a distance of 250 kilometres from Delhi and basically, the clean city has got to boast of its markets, apparel shops and its beautiful and stylish ladies.  Also check out the rock garden and the rose garden if there’s time.

Panchkula – the city smaller than Chandigarh but much cleaner is also a place worth visiting, it’s just a few kilometres from Chandigarh.

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  • September 3, 2015 at 10:49 am

    I love kasauli hills. I spend most of my time over there. I like to walk in mountains, specially near railway track. I love toy train. I love to ride bike in kasauli, it prevents me from traffic also. Now a days there is so much family’s visiting and because of this there are so many cars and it causing so much traffic, which is so annoying. But whenever i visit in kasauli, i feel fresh every time.


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