Jaipur: Both sides of this Serene Destination

As we extend our talks towards the marvelous city of Jaipur, we have to keep in mind that everything’s got two faces. When we visit the city of Jaipur, everyone can feel the exclusive vibes and the exquisite surroundings of this city. Known for it’s breath taking loo winds, Jaipur is also famous for many of it’s handicrafts and architecture.

Well, we’ve got too much to see, so let’s dance through them one by one:-

Jaipur is a place hidden in the serene deserted areas of the Thar region. The intense heat combines with the Rajasthani flavours to give away the most exotic amalgamations and fusions be it in anything. The most exotic region of Jaipur is it’s markets. Filled with loads of lights and crackers, it is one of those few places where you can have the time of your life if you have an idea of celebrating Diwali here.

Jaipur Diwali

Christened as Pink City of India, it’s a pre-modern city unraveling the mysteries of ancient India along with expressing it’s deep contentment towards the out modern world. Having a big collection of artifacts and heritage sites, its legacy is far splendorous.

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur
Hawa Mahal in Jaipur

Imbibing within itself, marvelous buildings, exotic locations and serene scenarios, Jaipur makes one great travel destination all around the year. But as we go through our experience at Jaipur, we certainly have to lookout for things that may hinder our experience and our awestrucking travel endeavor.

As we roll through some points, we have to know that these are readily experienced points by trusted tourists and they may create problems if not boded by:-

  1. Jaipur as it looks is a little bit crowded and some problems may arise due to irresistible circumstances within the public, but as you’ll discover the native land, you’ll probably feel that the locals are so friendly that they talk to you like you’re their family member.
  2. Groundwater problems persist within the inner region so be careful while choosing your hotel/ guest house.
  3. Another point to ponder over is the old architecture which may seem to be attractive but is deceptively treacherous. And as we go about our experience, we all have to be careful of any mishap.

Well folks, we saw both sides of this great city. Now, it’s time for you to discover the best of both sides in Jaipur. We wish you a great travel experience.

 Hasta La Vista ! Travelers.

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