The International Carnival of Rajasthan

Well, no one could have ever thought that the state of Rajasthan could host an event which can win over the hearts of music and dance fans all around the globe. Indeed, The International Folk Festival of Rajasthan has gained extreme popularity and is quite an exquisite carnival which imbibes within itself magnificence and opulence.

The carnival is annually conducted at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur usually in the month of October and other months of the Autumn Season. Let’s first take an insider into it’s history. It was started as a non-for-profit partnership between Mehrangarh Museum Trust and Jaipur Virasat Foundation in October 2007.

Music at Jodhpur RIFF

The event is synchronized with the occurrence of the Sharad Purnima tenure which is usually referred to as Full Moon Season. Maharaja Gaj Singh is the head patron of this festival.  It was organized in an attempt to promote traditional folk music and arts. But, who knew that it will turn out to be such an exquisite festival.

Around 250 great musicians of all time grace the occasion by their presence. Even their holiness UNESCO graces the festival. The UN Organisation graces the event as “People’s Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development”. Even Songlines has regarded the event as one of the top 25 international festivals of India. So our republic is really progressing in terms of an International standard.

Rajasthani Traditional Artists at Jodhpur RIFF

Last year’s edition of the carnival encompassed the theme of “Ancient History” of the fort which has already been listed as the most exclusive fort by Time.  One of the most splendorous performances included one from Afgani Rubab player “Daud Khan Sadozai”. There were sessions of Manganiar and Manwar . Dilshad Khan and Manu Chao also gave great performances at the event.

The festival is sometimes referred to as Jodhpur RIFF and incorporates lot of collaborations, fusions and amalgamations.  And this year, it’s going to be a super duper one. The locals are coming up to match the tones with great artists and give away the most serene scenarios ever watched.

October 8th will see the launch of this year’s edition and the carnival will be running for whopping 5 days. 12th October shall sum up the inherent festivity and bid goodbye to the fans with a promise to meet next year.  The line up’s on the go and you tube is full of attractive trailers.

So, what’s there to wait. Jump and grab the time of your life.

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