India- The Rising Biking Destination


It is already known that India promises a surprising variation in its landscape- from the desert of Runn of Kutch to the lush Western and Eastern Ghats, from the challenging terrains of the Himalayas to the serene streets through backwaters of Kerala– India offers a plethora of variation in tracks. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why India can be a destination for your date with a two-wheeler.

The Testing Terrains of Sikkim!

Adventure in Sikkim Source
Adventure in Sikkim

The state of Sikkim lies traversing all the three ranges of the Himalayas- the very reason why there is so much diversity in its landscape and different challenges the roads offer. From snowy streets at Lachung to the plush Yumthang valley. You would get to see a dynamic and vibrant slideshow while you’re on the bike- from Monastries, to the colourful flags, to snows- a lot awaits you. 

The Serenity of Leh, Ladakh!

Mountain Biking in Ladakh Source
Mountain Biking in Ladakh

Lauded as a paradise for anyone who wishes to hit the roads on wheels, the landscape of Ladakh provide an ideal backdrop for you to navigate on your two wheeler. The silence of the mountains beneath the crystal blue sky, the lakes would fuel your enthusiasm to keep riding on. This one, you cannot definitely miss if you’ve a thing for motorbikes.

Scintillating Shillong!

Daredevils in Shillong Source
Daredevils in Shillong

Not too far from Mawsynram, Shillong offers the best of Meghalaya- roads breathing adventure all the way! The cliffs are steep, the gorges are deep, the clouds wander, and waterfalls are in plenty. The greenery and coolness that leaves your refreshed while the views are…Well, quite aptly summed by ‘dangerously beautiful’. There are quite some roads you can navigate around Shillong- like trips to Mawsynram or Dawki.

Run the Runn of Kutch!

Tour the Rann on  Bike Source
Tour the Rann on Bike

Picture this- you’re on riding your bike, and all there is a panorama filled with solitude, vast stretches of a dry, brown land… and you just keep riding like there’s no tomorrow. Sounds quite pleasing to your biker gloves, right? Now add the nightfall, and your way is lit up by stars. Captivating? Oh, but while you look up at the stars, don’t forget to be mindful of your way in the dirt. (Yeah, I couldn’t refrain from referring to that dialogue from ‘Interstellar’. Seemed justice.)

The Eastern Ghats

On road to Chennai Source
On road to Chennai

The Eastern and the Western Ghats- both present a very promising stretch of journey. Forests, hills, waterfalls– all too pleasing to the eyes. Yercaud-Chennai stretch is one of the many options in the Eastern Ghats.

The Western Ghats

Explore the Western Ghats on a Bike Trip Source
Explore the Western Ghats on a Bike Trip

The Western Ghats also presents quite many enticing options for those gear shifts- the Cardamom hills, Munnar– the stretches are long but the beauty of the landscape promises that you won’t be exhausted.

Backwaters of Kerala


This had to be mentioned exclusively. The labyrinth of calm waterbodies, the tranquil environment– there’s no paucity of peace. Recommendations- a cycling trip. A ride will give memories you will cherish forever.

Birbhum, West Bengal


This district in West Bengal has the famed red soil to leave you tracks upon. Santiniketan, Bolpur, Sriniketan- appreciate the heritage of the places, take some time out for the handicrafts, the culture- this will keep you engaged for quite some days.

Enjoy Bike Trails in India Source
Enjoy Bike Trails in India

So, that’s just some of the options that are favoring India as a rising biking destination. There are plenty thrilling and adventurous trails in the Himalayas that need an article of their own. But hopefully this list will do for now.

PS: Keep checking this space, will be back with more!

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