India Confined

india collage
Photo by Yaron

Whether it is sliding from its tip to toe
Or it is the two ends of the arrow
Whether it is being a guest to a part
Or it is a new chapter to start
Every bit leaves a print behind
Every experience is a cause of delight

Let the mode be any, rail road or air
To be able to see, smell and live just everywhere
A travel to see where you belong
An excerpt of the journeys just too long

It happens in Gulmarg, and happens with all
Right next to the LoC you ski, you ride and glide
You halt for a hot maggie on the snow clad wall

Nothing would be more colourful than the shikara that floats
The intricate beauty of the inviting house boats
The more than pristine spring water of Chashmeshahi
And the infantile feeling of gazing at the Dal lake over the Pari Mahal

A little below, the city that rocks,
Where planning is exemplary, and the perfection it docks
It’s unparalleled lifestyle, and the architectural sheen
Not to forget the spree one goes on at Sectors 22 and 17
A wow city to be in, the union territory
Forever backed by Fort of Chandi

Swaying to a lil left,
When you car glides on the NH8
You relish the tryst with the venerable forts, palaces and lakes
Fighting the challenge of walking the sandunes
With the setting sun, the caravans trail in tune
Where to wake you up the peacock sings
Where else can be this royalty, Rajasthan, the land of kings

Most awaited nine nights, the sweetness in every dish
Every one must atleast once step into Gujrat and unleash

Did you spot a saffron flag? Or eat a wada pao by any chance?
Rise a little and onto the Sahyadris, you will be able to give clouds a glance

Sambhar, rasam, idli and dosa, each five members add their own flavour
The classical moves carry their elegance for savour
The house boats, the biriyani, the kanjivaram and IT, till the lower tip of our homeland it’s an abode to the Almighty
South India, a casket of culture skirted with waves aplenty

Millions come to witness the yatra, many more commend its sand art, carving, metal works and patta chitra
Day of its birth is known as Utkala Dibasa, recently rechristened as Odisha

Sneaking through the Siliguri corridor, we enter the paradise unexplored
Float on the ‘abode of clouds’ Meghalaya, Get lost in the tea of Assam,
Feel the royalty of the princely state of British India Manipur, And spend hours bird watching in Mizoram
The unique culture of Tripura and Nagaland, And to woo the botanists Arunachal awaits at the extreme end

If it is about spirituality, here it is, If it is about feeling high, here you should
Talk to the clouds while it showers, Pamper your olfactory in the Valley of Flowers,
Eat the guthkas and the sarson rayta, And do watch the peaks changing their mood
Enjoy the twining roads, it’s musical, Feel at home in Uttarakhand, you will find snows and Gods in your neighbourhood

It is vast, it’s deep
It’s rooted yet evolving in leaps
It’s unbelievable, and one of its kind
It would take ages to transcribe the charming land, hence India Confined

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  • January 13, 2015 at 5:47 am

    Do you have any video of that? I’d want to fin out more details.

  • January 15, 2015 at 9:36 am

    Hi Mavis,
    M sorry didn’t get you, which videos exactly?


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