Hitch-hike or not?

Are you an overly ordered person who has everything planned to the minutest of details? Or are you a whimsical person who has no problems with figuring out things along the way?

You must have answered “Yes” to one of those questions.

If you answered yes to the first one, you need to loosen up a bit and make peace with a little chaos. Let’s call you category A people.

If you answered yes to the second question, you need to step up and make informed decisions once in a while. And you shall be category B people.

I have a simple solution for both categories of people – Hitchhike! Sounds crazy? It was meant to.

For the category A people, hitchhiking is the best way for you to take your planning down a notch. But to give your obsessive mind something to fuss  over you can go through the list of pros and cons of hitchhiking and just leave out the travel part to add some excitement to your trip.

For category B people,you would be absolutely okay with hitchhiking but maybe you need to consider some pros and cons before you hop into the next car you see speeding past you on a road you probably got lost on due to *drum roll* lack of planning.  

A woman looking to hitch-hike. Photo credits - Mye Chung, Flickr
A woman looking to hitch-hike. Photo credits – Mye Chung, Flickr

Pros of hitch- hiking:

  • Meeting new people – what are the chances of finding people you know in a new town in a random car that passes by you? Close to zero. So this is maybe a very unconventional way of meeting new people but almost fool-proof.
  • New music – normal travelers love music while driving and this could be a chance for you to either find interesting songs in a genre you never liked before or have discussions on common music taste.
  • Food interests – If it’s a long journey you’re on, you will inevitably stop on the way for food. Tasting new food can be an experience to remember – whether it’s good or bad. Along with remembering the new variety of food you tried, you will also have a memory of your companion from that day. So try to make it a memorable one.
  • Cheap travel – If your budget for the trip does not allow you luxury travelling, the next most comfortable and affordable option is hitchhiking. For your sake I hope the car you get into is not dirty and smelly. *fingers crossed*

Cons of hitch-hiking:

  • Delay – the biggest drawback is the time delay because you can never know when and where you will get your ride. This is the best way to realize that patience is a virtue.
  • Baggage risk – if you have little luggage you can carry it around until you get your ride but with plenty luggage comes plenty risk of lugging it around till the angel with a car sees you in their rear view mirror and stops to give you a ride.
  • Unknown traveler – a lot of hitch-hiking trips have ended badly for people with the car driver not being the safest person to ride with. Though this rarely happens, it’s still a possibility. Be alert for any weird activities and always let one of your loved ones know about the person you are travelling with to reduce risks.

Weigh out your options carefully and get hitch-hiking!

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