Himalayan Treks you can’t afford to miss

Due to the topographical diversity in India, there is an advantage to the visitors when it comes to experiencing everything here. For instance we have the eastern and the western coast so the water sports are a great option here; there are fast flowing rivers in the North which make it suitable for rafting, the Deccan plateau opens up to the people who want to climb rocks, the North East is rich in virgin vegetation; I have skipped a lot of things in between but when we talk about the North, we all know that it is the Himalayan region where world’s set of tall mountain peaks stand majestically looking down on the rest of the world.

Applying some of my common sense, I knew that it must be the region of popular places to trek in India. It is indeed!

The eye popping beauty of the mountains make me want to climb up to the magical zenith and look around the tiny wonders around it. The white waters that flow as young rivers, the lakes which invite you to wait for a sunshine or a sunset, the greenery of the leaves of the trees that seem as if they are shining.

Here I have some Himalayan Treks that I think you can’t miss-

Chadar Trek/Frozen River Trek

Credits: flickr.com/photos/agnes_cassiere_photographies/
Credits: flickr.com/photos/agnes_cassiere_photographies/

Walking down the aisle, walking on the red carpet are two common paths that you walk on either if it’s your wedding or your farewell party but walking on the frozen river of Zanskar is really thrilling! You get it? The fears of slipping mixed with the excitement of reaching your destination. The traditional name of the trek is ‘Chadar Trek’ or the frozen sheet trek, which was only way in and out for the people of Zanskar in winters when all other ways are closed due to heavy snow fall at high passes.

Dodital Trek

Credits: flickr.com/photos/murli/
Credits: flickr.com/photos/murli/

Nearly 3307ft above the sea level in Northern Uttrakashi Dodital is a perfect place to soothe your heart and mind. Trekking on this area offers you a chance to wonder through wide forests of oak, fir and deodar. It can be the best trek of your life only if you have that eye for the nature.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Source: oktatabyebye.com
Source: oktatabyebye.com

Chopta Chandrashila has the most wonderful and stunning winter weather that draws tourists. This place is entitled to be known as ‘Mini Switzerland’ in Uttaranchal. Chopta is located at the elevation of 2900 measures, 36 km from Gopeshwar, 254 km from Rishikesh, 450 km from Delhi. Chandrashila is peak of the Tungnath.

Manali Rohtang pass

Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mountaintrekker/
Credits: flickr.com/photos/mountaintrekker/

Manali, known as the Switzerland of India is a place that you can’t afford to miss. Watch the marvelous landscapes that consist of beautiful snow-capped peaks, the Beas river flowing, fruit orchards, flower carpets and series of Alpine and Deodar trees. How cool it would be to stay in a tent amidst all of these?

Char Dham Yatra

This is a very famous trekking route in Uttrakhand which is 1300-6000 ft. from the sea level. It is a popular attraction among the pilgrims as it takes you to the ‘Char Dhams’- Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamnotri each of which depict Shiva, Vishnu, Ganga and Yamuna respectively.

Snow Leopard Trek

Source: walkthewilderness.net/
Source: walkthewilderness.net/

Hemis National Park is situated in the Eastern part of Ladakh with a general elevation over 3000 meters. It covers an area of 600 sq.kms in the valleys of Markha and Rumbak. This high altitude protected area was created in 1981 for the conservation and protection of its unique flora and fauna. The region of clod desert is a home to elusive snow leopard, Ibex, Blue sheep, Tibetan Hare etc.

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