Hidden wonders you got to explore in India

There’s no need to reiterate how dense and intriguing India is as a travel destination. Each and every day is an opportunity here and you can find the most delicious and most loving delicacies. You may happen to be at a place which hasn’t been seen by anyone. It is known that only Delhi itself incorporates over 100 architectural accomplishments of ancient times that no one knows actually exist. Just like the Chole-Papdi Wala who is increasingly gaining attention from the Shahdara region of Delhi, there are many more things that you never know actually exist in our nation.

Let’s take a look at some of them (in no particular order).

1) Brihadeswara Temple, Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Brahadeswara Temple
Photo by R.Amudha HariHaran

Do you want to be at a place where ancient architecture completely blows up your mind. Then, you can land up here. The most amazing temple of all time is this one. The shikhara(ceiling) of the temple is made from a single 80-tonne piece of granite. This magnificent temple was built in just five years. Thus, the beauty which this temple beholds is purely eternal.

2) Bombay Bhel Puri and Triveni Tea Terrace, South Delhi

These two places lie in close vicinity of the south extension area and offer a variety of snacks to the visitors. The Bombay Bhel Puri is one such place where opulence resides within their Bhel Puri. The original Mumbai style and that classic masala over the top takes it away. And furthermore, comes the Triveni Tea Terrace which is actually an open fast food terrace based restaurant in Mandi House and served the most fabulous tea you could ever take in through your food pipe.

3) Hampi


Well, this is one of the top rankers in the list of most unexplored destinations of India. Hampi is a perfect place where mythology and archaeology go hand in hand. This is one such place where you won’t find people that are not caring for their monuments and the beauty which they behold. It’s a place where you will feel a bond within the people and the city.

4) Rock Cut Temples, Badami

Rock Cut Temples Badami
Photo by Amit Rawat

These are one of those few highly marvelous places where an architect is stunned at the sight of such serene architecture and work. The inscriptions of these rocks along with the sleek cut designs make it a one great place to be in. Furthermore, the ancient styles and the truly exasperating environment that’s out there won’t let you leave this place.

5) Tarkali, Maharashtra

Tarkali Beach Maharashtra
Photo by Umar Hashmi

When it comes to beaches, the most commercialized ones are rather more popular than any other beach. But this one has managed to gain some extra points on our list. The pristine and pure waters of Tarkali in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra make it one heck of a place to be in. The beach is very long, narrow and is rather open without any rocks and ships. The place’s got a quite vibe that everyone admires.

6) Lambasingi, Andhra Pradesh

Lambasingi dam

Witness the Kashmir of south India as we roll through this extremely cold place in the state of Andhra Pradesh. In the most severe summers, the maximum temperature here is 10 degrees so you know what I mean to say. Three fourth of a year sees Lambasingi covered with ice and that is probably the reason why such beautiful place is still lost in the woods.

7) Keibul Lamjao, Loktak Lake, Manipur

Loktak Lake

Have you ever wondered why parks don’t float? Actually they do. The Keibul Lamjoa which is the home of the endangered Sangai Deer is an exotic place to be in, not only because it’s attractive but because this park floats in air. Biologically, the soil has decomposing plant material, locally called phumdis which provide it’s extraordinary theme.

8) Krem Mawmluh and Krem Ri Blai, Meghalaya

Are you crazy for caves like me? We have to great place to visit. This still unexplored cave is a very tranquil sector of the city where you won’t be able to differentiate between vertical and horizontal. The cave is an endless mystery and with it’s endless mystery lies endless phenomena’s to explore, like the automatic stone twisting in the caves that’s actually a very unique phenomena.

9) Haflong, Assam

Jatinga, Haflong
Jatinga in Haflong | Image Credits: Sify

This is officially called “A Path to Heaven”. This is practically a hill station but you can call it to be a heaven station. The city is covered by a blimey mist of fog and snow which eventually add to the cool and exotic climate of the place. Also, the local liquor and the pork love is surely going to leave you spellbound.

Well, that’s all folks, why don’t you try and catch hold of some new and interesting places to be in. There’s loads to be in. We just don’t know them yet.

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