The Hidden Gems of Himachal

Himachal Pradesh, like many other states of India is in the lap of the panoramic and majestic Himalayas. Being located in one of nature’s most awe-inspiring landscapes, it’s only natural that it be tourism hot spot. But then again, there are places begging to be discovered, explored and be given an opportunity to amaze. So here, we decided to chalk out some places where you might find these hidden gems!



Triund in Dharamsala
Photo by Vyas Sreenivas

Often laminated with snow, Triund offers the potential of a rather tranquil trek, with the exception of the last km. If you’re tired at any point in the trek ( which is hardly a possibility, given the copious amounts of treat for eyes!), you can always refresh yourself up with cups of ‘chai’ from the small tea shops along the trekking route. And hence, Triund awaits you to arrive, through the carpet of green it has laid down for your welcome.


The lake at the heart of the meadows is a perfect attraction for lovers and couples. Photo – Amit Sengupta


Dubbed as the ‘Mini Switzerland of India’, Khajjiar offers the potential of refreshing walks in the tranquil meadows or in the pine forest. Endowed with abundance of nature, Khajjar is your place to be, if you look to sit back and relax sans the monotony and scheduled structure of life. Offering a panorama to breathe in, there is also the possible option of a easy trek to Dainkund.


Barog on the Kalka-Shimla Railway
Barog on the Kalka-Shimla Railway | Photo by Peter Sawers
Barog Railway Station
Barog Railway Station | Photo by Shubh Singh

Situated in the Solan district on the Shimla-Kalka highway, Barog is essentially the dreamy green meadows, lakes and pine forests in a manner of picture perfection. Although treated as a stopover en route to Shimla, the greenery of Barog will demand the attention it deserves and your eyes will crave for some more.


A view of Dharamkot from the mountains
A view of Dharamkot from the mountains high above | Photo by Greg Goodman

Just 11 km from Dharamsala, this village is a picture of serenity which serves the panoramic landscape of the Kangra Valley and Dhauladhar ranges on a platter.

Churah Valley

A piece of serenity endowed with lakes and lush greenery in the district of Chamba. Be sure to try out the comfortable home stay facilities!


Snow storm at the mountains of Churdhar Temple
Snow storm at the mountains of Churdhar Temple | Photo by Munish Chandel

The Churdhar Peak is the highest peak in the outer Himalayas, thus offering some valuable trekking experiences. The Churdhar trek can undertaken from Nohradhar or Chaupal, and is not a very strenuous affair, and even though the stress might vary depending upon the path you choose, the rewards are worth it! The view offered is a spectacular panorama opening up to the the Gangetic plains and Satluj rivers to be complemented by a view of the famous pilgrimage of Badrinath Temple.

The district of Mandi offers some offbeat but charming destinations like Chindi, Jamjheli, Barot and Karsog– the places being well endowed with serenity in their lush green landscapes- abundant with scenic views that Himachal is known for. You can find vast opportunities for trekking and hiking in these places.

Apart from the ones above, many destinations in Kangra might put up something refreshing and magnificent on display. Himachal is full of enigmatic locations, comprising of tranquility in it’s pine and orchard covered mountains, lush green meadows, snow clad peaks and calm lakes.

That pretty much sums up our concise list of gems in the treasure trove, that is, Himachal Pradesh. But that’s hardly a jusitce done.

Why don’t you padhaaro into Himachal and explore to list some new ones? Who knows what hidden surprise you might come to discover!

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