Heavenly pathways in India – Rohtang Pass and Karakorum Highway

A trip can be called extremely beautiful when you enjoy each single moment of it. The magnificence of the latter part of the destination isn’t always enough for the tour to be remarkable. And just in time, we’ve got some pretty cool places to go where you would certainly love the roads and the travel itself. People who come to these places never really want to reach their destination because the composure of these paths is afar the most wildest imaginations you can have.

Rohtang pass, hiding in the deep locked areas of Himachal Pradesh is surely a place whose leading passage has more grandeur than your final destination.The feel that comes while riding through these tracks surpasses any explainable word. The splendor that is concealed in these trails is truly remarkable.

Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass – Leh to Manali Journey | Image by sandeepchetan

One literally prays for the journey to never end because it is in itself so much enjoyable. The absolute silence marked with lush greenery and accompanying mountains and blue sunlight compound together to fully re-capitulate your body and mind and takes with it all the tensions that are hidden in your brain .

Another such hot spot that is hidden in the lap of The Upper Himalayas is the Karakorum Highway. Built in 1960s, the highway serves as a connection route to Pakistan and China through an inbound Indian route. It was bulldozed through many unimaginable complex scenery that can almost take all air out of your lungs. There is no travelling place as such here but the trail itself has such an exquisite scenario that it hardly matters for the tourists.

Karakoram Highway
Karakoram Highway | Image by Lauren Mcgaw

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Sometimes, you enjoy the travel more than the place itself and such places are a great tourist attraction but because of their high altitudes and health hazards, they are severely limited. But, when you have that courage and desire to look for yourself that’s out there, you’ll certainly have the happiest and most enjoyable time of your life.

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