Have long journeys become a monotony for you? Worry no more!

Travelling can be both a boon and a bane. While some travelers enjoy the journey throughout, starting from taking a cab to the airport or waiting for a delayed flight/train or not getting bothered about the immensely long journey they’ve embarked upon, they simply love every bit of it.

While some travelers only long to reach their final destination without much ado and long distance journeys just kills them with boredom.

Here are a few ways to rather kill the boredom of long journeys and make them interesting.

1. Drown in a deep slumber and wake up to your destination.

Get your eye masks on, because the best and the easiest way is to sleep throughout your journey for all those clinomaniacs. If you have a train/flight the next morning, it’s advisable to catch only a few hours of sleep the previous night, so that you easily fall asleep while on journey. This way, your long, boring and tedious journey would end up on a good note.

Make sure you have a good travel buddy, who wakes you up at the right time or just put an alarm before you sleep!

Sleep your way through the journey. Image source: skyscanner.com
Sleep your way through the journey. Image source: skyscanner.com


2. Get enchanted by the magic of reading and do away with the monotony.

Most of the travelers are also good readers. Carry a travel magazine, a newspaper or the best of fiction novels to get lost into your own world of reading and not get bothered about how long the journey is. Carrying a kindle is another convenient way of not going through the hassle of choosing amongst your favorite books.

Reading while traveling; Image source: travelandleisureasia.com
Reading while traveling;
Image source: travelandleisureasia.com


3. Plug in your earphones for a musical and tranquil ride.

Music carries you to another world altogether. Experience the transcendence while on that monotonous journey. All you need to do is plug-in your earphones with the best of your playlists and float to your own world. You may carry an mp3 player or an i-pod or even your phone would do.

Drift away in our own world with favorite music. Image source: scooppick.com
Drift away in your own world with your favorite music. Image source: scooppick.com


4. Get caught in the snares of the best of your movies and forget about the tedious journey.

For all the movie buffs out there, travelling shouldn’t ever be able to bore you. Make the best of the travelling time and catch on your favorite movies and videos or  the in-flight entertainment, with your travel buddy. Or alone, if you do not want to share!

Some flights and trains even provide free wifi facilities for the travelers where in you can watch movies and videos from a specific list provided by them. If you have a different taste, then it’s always better to store movies in a pendrive or hard disk or tablet or your phone, and not be worried about the rest of your journey.

In-flight televions; Image source: intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com
In-flight televions; Image source: intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com


5. Capture the beauty of the world around you. The nature has a plenty in store for you to never get bored.

All that you need to do, is to carry your camera along with you. Take a window seat and capture the breathtaking beauty around you. This would keep you engaged and you’ll be left with a souvenir of the memorable sojourn that you’d reminisce on throughout your life.

Picture taken from an airplane; Image credits: Tommy Ga-ken Wan
Picture taken from an airplane; Image credits: Tommy Ga-ken Wan


6. Since technology, today, has become a boon in disguise. Utilize it fully!

Playing games has been the old school way of passing time. Also, with the latest upgraded technology, there’s a long list of apps that can save you from the boredom of the journey. Here’s a list of such apps and games that would make your journey a fun.

  • WORD MOLE– All you need to do in this game is to make words from the adjacent alphabets. The game engrosses you in fun as well as some timed and critical thinking to exercise your mind and to kill time. [Available for iOs and blackberry devices.]


  • NIN JUMP DASH–  NinJump Dash lets you compete against three challengers who could be your facebook friends or any random player across the globe. You can dress your player in fun costumes to jump over obstacles, shoot rockets and toss stars and other weapons.  [Available for iOs and android devices.]


  • DUMB WAYS TO DIE– Do not go by the name! We totally do not intend to suggest you any of it! But this game is a downright fun and so addictive that you’d never get bored of it. All you have to do is save the characters from dangerous situations. The new version, Dumb ways to die:2, has even newer characters and levels like electric hurdles and a javelin catch. [Available for iOs and android devices.]


  • TETRIS BLITZ– It is a perfect mobile game, where you race against the clock in a two-minute blitz to clear lines and rack up as many points as possible before time runs out. With stunning visuals and innovative controls, this world famous game will keep you engaged while on your journey.  [Available for iOs and android devices.]


  • FLIXSTER– Flixster is a movie watching app which allows the travelers to their Flixster collections page, a free application which helps you browse through movies and shows from various sources. [Available for iOs, android and blackberry devices.]


  • 18000 COOL JOKES– You don’t always need an internet connection or a friend to make you laugh throughout your journey. This app includes numerous categories like foreigners, business, at work, blondes, travel and many more and also flashes the top jokes of the day, week and the month. [Available for iOs and android users.]



Following any of these options would never make your journey a boring one.


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