Hampi : A Rocky ride

Hampi 2015.

Pushkarni Tank Hampi
Pushkarni Tank Hampi

The cross between the atmosphere of Goa or Auroville and the temple architecture of Wai or Varanasi this town is one that offers its best to two distinct traveller typologies.

One being the big Indian family that travels to see the top ten tourist spots, eats the buffet that is included in their family package and instantly updates their social media accounts with pictures and check ins.

Soaking in the Temple architecture
Soaking in the Temple architecture

The other being the rebels that dare to cross the river and stay in the laid back no questions asked part of town. These are the ones who travel to please themselves. They take back memories and souvenirs in unconventional ways.

Fortunately or unfortunately my travel buddies and I were somewhere in between the above two categories. Being architects we had to experience the temples and their ancillary spaces, but being the slight rebels that we are we stayed on the other side of the river at a quaint little resort called Goan corner.

Goan Corner
Goan Corner

As the name suggests this place is done up like any resort in Goa. The kind where you toss your backpack, lay out your sleeping bag or hammock and camp under the stars. We stayed amongst fruit trees, constantly plucking fresh fruit and interacting with fellow travellers.

In the short span that we did spend in Hampi, we experienced the local means of travel; bus, rickshaw, mopeds. You name it. The food, music and culture were as divided as the land on either side of the river. It seemed like the river was forcing the amalgamation of the two pieces of land. Starkly different from one another the ‘black’ and ‘white’ sides of town are the reasons why a wide spectrum of people are attracted to this place.

The rock climbers are of course the part and parcel of the crowd that makes this tourist spot so popular. The balancing act of the massive boulders keeps you on the edge and the shade they provide is welcoming after being exposed to the scorching sun.

The "chilling" rocks of Hampi
The “chilling” rocks of Hampi

This is a once in a lifetime visit. A few must dos include crossing the river and eating pancakes with chocolate milkshake, swirling around in the koraikal and soaking in the heritage.

Koraikal Ride
Koraikal Ride

This trip changed my concepts of living in nature without the constant buzzing of my devices and opened my eyes to see the wonderful world laid out for us. So don’t just visit Hampi, absorb it.

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  • October 15, 2015 at 11:28 am

    That’s a very well-written piece and it makes me want to drop everything else and travel to Hampi. I especially loved the line about how the river forces the amalgamation of the two lands. It creates a very welcoming picture.


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