How to enjoy a day in Goa on a backpacker’s budget

White sand, sparkling waters and delicious cuisines; these are at the back of mind of nearly 2 million tourists who hit the coasts of Goa each year. Goa is known for its beautiful beaches and has rightly earned the sobriquet ‘Beach Capital of India’. Goa is located on the western coast of India and was once a part of Portuguese territories, and the same can be felt by the grand monuments and buildings left behind by them.

Photo by Dilip Vetrivel

Goa, though a favourite tourist destination in India, is quite cheap in terms of accommodation, food and other recreational activities. So, those travelling on a backpacker’s budget will find Goa a perfect place to be in and would enjoy every bit of their stay in Goa.

Goa is well connected to all the major parts of the country and you can easily reach Goa by bus, train, flight or cab. Goa’s Dabolim Airport only receives international flights from UK, Russia and Germany. So, if you are not from these countries, you can easily fly down to Mumbai from where you can reach Goa by bus, train or by simply hiring a cab. The Konkan Railways connects Goa to Mumbai and Mangalore. If you are flying down to Mumbai, book a train ticket for Konkan Kanya Express online which is priced at INR 1500 (around $ 25) for a AC-3 Tier seat.

Alternatively, you can avail the bus services which operate on a regularly basis both to and from Goa to major cities around Goa. However, try to avoid the state-run buses which are overcrowded and usually offer poor services. You can also book a cab to reach Goa, though it would be costly as compared to other modes, if you are travelling on a backpacker’s budget.

Accommodation is also relatively cheaper in Goa and you can find some really good budget hotels in Goa the range of $12-30.

Some of the hotels where you can look for budget accommodation are ‘Casa Paradiso’, ‘Bricks and Bamboo’, ‘Oasis Beach Resort’ and ‘Hotel Shankar’.

Goa Night Hangout

Start your stay in Goa by enjoying one of the watersports, which is quite famous. Else, you can just lie back on the beach and enjoy the serenity of the place. Some of the watersports which you can enjoy in Goa includes parasailing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

The usual charge for a completed package of parasailing, water scooter, banana ride and speed boat is INR 1000 which is around $17. Scuba diving costs INR 2500 and you would enjoy it for sure. Other adventure sports you can enjoy in Goa includes Paragliding and wind surfing, both priced at INR 1000 each.

Water Sports in Goa

Goa is also known for it’s cuisines and the local meals includes rice, fish and curry. However, apart from trying these out, you should definitely check out the special dishes of the region. Enjoy the Ambot-tik, which is a sweet and salty dish made of fish. Also try out the traditional sausage Pao com Chouricos, which is served with bread. Pork Vindaaloo is another dish worth relishing, which is prepared with oily and spicy gravy.

You can dine out at budget restaurants, spending around $15 for a full meal.

For moving in the city, you have plenty of options before you. You can use the bus services, cab, auto-rickshaw, ferries/boats or the motorcycle taxi, which is a unique mode of local transport in Goa.

In all, you can move around the city spending under $10 for a day.

So, you can easily spend a day in Goa; moving about the city visiting famous monuments, enjoying adventure sports and relishing some of the most lip smacking dishes under $100! So what are you waiting for; just pack your bag and visit the beautiful Goa.

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