Goa, Oh! Goa. I Love You to Bits.

Goa, oh! Goa. How much have I fallen in love with you?

The sweet sands on your beaches flattened me. Your perfect weather soothed me. Sight of men and women smoking the holy herb awed me.
Goa! Oh! Goa. How much have I fallen for you?

My carefree, totally not planned trip to Goa was magically awesome. With a bunch of friends who made it extra super, I spent three days of my life with good food, lovely people, and lots of fun. All I did was go around Goa and visit places. We visited places without any sort of planning beforehand.

From small restaurants, shacks on the beaches, forts, there is so much to see in Goa. Well, so much to indulge in, actually!

For my photographer friends, Goa was true bliss as they could capture sunset at its best, westernized roads with pubs that remind you of European countries, Bazaars, and people from across the globe who are in sync with all that Goa has to offer.

Credits: Jayesh Mohan
Credits: Jayesh Mohan

The open-air markets that we visited at ten at night, was an array of lights spread out with colors and beautiful people. There was a bowl of cultures. Indian stalls where reds, blues and pinks reigned. Japanese, Germans, Italians, French, Dutch… so many of them together in the same market, selling goods that they made!

Vagatore where we stayed was a quiet place with a few churches and old houses. Mapusa had a huge market where we got the famous Goan Feni, Pork sausages and Pan Beer. Anjuna, where the beach is at its best. How can I forget our dinner at the famous ‘Curlies! Baga for shopping. And Panaji where we saw many historical monuments. Goa seemed like another planet to me. Ask me why? Well, the place has much to offer, but they seem so contrary to each other. From a certain kind of peace and tranquility that is very Goan in feel, to lots of independent loners, and unlimited fun everywhere, there is so much in Goa. I would call it ‘man-made paradise on earth’.

jayesh mohan 2

I wouldn’t miss a chance to hop in to Goa again. This time, alone maybe. With less stress and strain. The more your priorities and planning, the lesser the fun is.
What say?

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