Where to go in Summers or even in Winters? Try Shimla

Thinking about going to some place cool in summers or even cooler in winters, try out Shimla. Shimla was the summer capital in India and now it is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Situated at an elevation between 2100m to 2300m, it is full of natural beauty. Temperature can fall below zero degree Celsius in winters and there is even snow in late December – early January.

night view of shimla
Night view of Shimla

One cannot get bored in Shimla, even sitting on a bench between the silent and beautiful hills gives relief and joy. You can sit at one place the whole day and enjoy the pleasant weather and observe the passing by tourists. There are many places to visit in and around Shimla. The mall road of Shimla is always tourist packed. There are shops on both sides of the road and from big brands to local items everything can be found in these shops. Nearby there is Lakkar Bazar which is gull of wooden items. After a long walk on the Mall road on can rest at The Ridge. The Ridge is crowned with Christ Church which is one of the most famous landmarks

St.Michael's Catholic Church in Shimla
St.Michael’s Catholic Church in Shimla

of the city.

For religious people there is Jakhoo temple on the top of Jakhoo hill. It is a beautiful temple and the scenery from the temple is just amazing! One thing that the people need to be ready about is the monkeys. Anything in the hands of people is vulnerable to the mischievous creatures.

Kufri situated 13km from Shimla is also tourist attraction place. On the way to Kufri, there is a Green Valley which is full of Deodar trees, in whichever direction you look, you’ll only see the greenery. There is a wild life zoo in Kufri. It also entertains the tourists with an amusement park, the way to which is covered on horses. It is a half made way and contains loose sand with stones scattered all the way, the ride is what you call as amazing and nail biting as the way is muddy and also not plain but a slope! One can be scared as hell on the way but it is one of the most amazing experiences one will ever have. On the top there is a beautiful view and an amusement park which comprises on apple orchids, pools, various fun rides and world’s highest go-kart track.

Toy Train
Toy Train

Apart from all this the journey, reaching Shimla is also exciting. One can reach Shimla by road, train or airplane, but the most amazing of them is by train. There are regular trains between Kalka and Shimla known as the toy trains. There are amazing views in the way and the train passes through 102 tunnels. In the year 2007, Kalka-Shimla railway was included in UNESCO World Heritage list.

Hence the days spent in Shimla are totally worth and once in life everyone should experience the beauty and calmness of these hills.

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