A Gander at the Golden Quadrilateral

One of the most comprehensive and indeed marvelous development plans ever undertaken by the republic of India was the Golden Quadrilateral. This highly complex highway structure was a big step in the developmental process of our nation. This brazen structure is  a highway network which inculcates the joining pathways of many villages to the metropolitan cities of India and furthermore to themselves.

But this out modern plan has affected the tourism industry in a very exquisite way and has highly influenced the way the industry comes about. One of the main specifications of this plan was to link the four major cities of India standing high at the forefronts of our country.

From the north, Delhi leads. From East, Kolkata dances. From the south, Chennai jumps and from the West, Mumbai says “Hi”.

These four majestic cities are the pulse of the country and therefore their connection has really improved the functioning of our country.

First of all, it has reduced the load on the Indian Train Channel. The Railway System which is already overcrowded was highly unburdened by the coming of this quadrilateral. Secondly, it has brought about better transportation facilities, better roads to tread on, time saving  pathways to reach important areas and a serene architectural style.

bike trip nh4 golden quadrilateral

But all we’re concerned about is how it affected travellers like us. Travellers who take a full round trip around India don’t have to take an air plane all the time. Even a taxi along the quadrilateral can get you to any of the cities in no time. It has helped tourists in catching hold of their expenses. This quadrilateral has opened a door to majestically save time, energy, fuel and money.

Furthermore, it has significantly covered many cities which were unknown to tourists. Now, tourists can sit back and enjoy the serene vibes of farms, hills, beaches and many others. You name it, it’s there.Literally, the quadrilateral covers many beaches, palm fields, farms, ancient locations, hills, mountains, many ruins and other pieces of great architecture. So, it’s a hub for people who want to make the best of their journey. It’s not simply a road, It’s a path for everyone to discover the full potential of India’s magnificence and opulence.

Rest assured, the pathways are completely safe, hygienic, enlightened and clean. So, have a happy travel journey across this tranquil quadrilateral.

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