First time in Delhi? Here is what you must know!

Is it your first time in Delhi? Being the capital of India it attracts a lot of people of all kind, the intellectual ones, religious ones and even hard-core existentialists but only you can save yourself from getting fooled. Here are few things which might help you:

  • After you land, you’ll notice a lot of stares, it would be mostly out of curiosity! Ignore them!
  • Be very careful while using public transport, they probably know you’re new to the city, which is why they will charge you extra.
  • Auto-walas will try their best to cheat you. Firstly, they’ll not agree to go by the meter. If by negotiation they do, and you ask them to drop you at Hauz-Khas metro station, they’ll agree to it and in mid-way they’ll tell you how the roads to that metro station have been blocked because of an accident or Independence day or whatever festival is near. And so they’ll drop you to the farthest metro station and ask you to pay “by the meter”. A little help from the internet can save a lot of your money. You can know an estimated auto-fare between two places in Delhi via this link here.
  • Now that you’re in Delhi, you might like to go shopping and you might like to check out the street shopping areas like Janpath, Sarojini Nagar Market or even Hauz Khas Village. It might be tough to believe but they do charge tourists extra. They do their best to fool you and sometimes charge you as much as 10 times of the original price. You can only bargain till an extent but it’d better to go shopping with someone who is not new to the city! Also while on street, it’s unlikely to get a receipt of what you have bought so do check everything before buying. It might not be easy to get it replaced, after all!
  • For unlimited travel over short periods Delhi Metro has tourist cards. There are two kinds of cards – 1 day and 3 day. The value of 1-Day Card is Rs 100 and the value of 3-Day Card is Rs 250, they come with a Refundable Deposit of Rs 50/- payable at purchase.

delhi metro travel card

  • It would be advisable that you avoid brawls in Delhi. It can get ugly here. People even bribe and you would not want to deal with all that.
  • There are a lot of pick-pockets in Delhi! Do take care of your belongings while in the city. Even though the city offers a great experience, it comes with a down-fall, that is the rules and regulations in the city are unlikely to help you. You will have to take care of what is yours!

pickpockets in delhi

  • Delhi’s love for food is beyond words. They can travel eighty kilo-meters just to have parathas from Murthal. While you enjoy all the food, do take care of your stomach. Stock on all the medicines which might be useful in case of digestion-related problems!
  •  People have no traffic sense in Delhi. It would be a waste of time to even question it. Even though there’s been a development here, it won’t save your skin, especially if you’re coming to India for a vacation. Hire a driver, save your life.
  •  Have you been invited to a Big Fat Indian wedding? Do yourself a favor here, be late. No wedding in the North-India starts on time. Enjoy and thank us later!

late indians

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