Famous Souvenirs from the Pink City – Jaipur

Jaipur, the colorful province of Rajasthan, has always been a magnetic destination for tourists, international and domestic. With its magnificent and lavish palaces, it has always been a royal retreat for travelers. The Pink City- Jaipur is a hub for various traditional art forms popular worldwide and hence a perfect place for shopaholics. Its ancient bazaars and markets have been established in the time of royal emperors and offer motley of artifacts to take back as souvenirs. Here is your shopping guide for the city.


Jaipur is the eighth largest place in the world where diamonds are polished. Why not, since it has been home to Royal Kingdoms. So if you have penchant and a big pocket to buy some precious and semi precious stones, you can find here magnificent and tasteful jewelry. Also, look out for Kundan jewelry, an intricate stone work, found only here. Johari Bazar has many great jewelry stores.

kundan jewelry

Bandhej (tie and dye)

Tie and dye is a form of traditional technique that is used to design clothes. The cloth is tied at different places and then dyed with vibrant colors which on opening gives interesting colorful patterns. The popular design art can be found on dupattas, sarees, and dress materials. The indigenous art form is famous, evergreen and always in demand in fashion world. There are many good shops in Bapu Bazar.


Lac bangles

Lac bangle making is an art as old as the establishment of the Pink city. Lac, a red colored sticky residue that is obtained from trees, is melted and cast into bangles and decorated with fancy adornments on them. The ethnic jewelry item is famous worldwide and even exported outside India. Girls, do not forget to buy dozens of these. You can find lac bangles shop in Tripolia Bazar.

String Puppets

The colorful  gleaming Rajasthani puppets  are eye catching and are found decorated everywhere in Rajasthan. The small folksy figurines are alluring piece of decor adding highly aesthetic appeal to your place. The vibrant colors and the gleeful expressions will definitely want you to take a pair along. Nehru Bazar and Bapu Bazar have many handicrafts shops.

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The royal city is also famous for its magnificently woven carpets and rugs. The hand woven carpets signify the rich culture and tradition of Jaipur. There is no other city in India that offers such flamboyant artful designs and are beyond comparison. The art of the pink province has attracted many tourists and are even exported outside. Johari bazar and M.I. Road have some carpet showrooms.


Blue pottery

Blue pottery is a traditional craft of Jaipur. Inspired by Persian origin, the traces of this art can be seen in the architecture of Rajasthan palaces. The attractive art has since kept alive in pottery and various other forms. Completely different from clay pottery, one can find the essence of blue pottery in vases, urns, ash trays, tea sets, trinkets etc. The beautiful blue pieces of art can be found in the markets of M.I. Road.


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