An Expedition to the Forgotten Native Lands

If you just woke up today and thought about discovering the enchantment of this globe, then we’ve got something for you. You don’t need to cash a billion dollars for this. So here’s the catch, just turn around and count your miles across the native homelands.

Native India is one of the most exclusive places that anyone hardly visits, just because it doesn’t have the charm. But it is not so. The life in these areas is a lot more exciting and thrilling. The natives are as if they are your best friends and not like the one’s in cities who are wanting to take your life on petty issues.

Kaas Plateau Maharashtra
Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra | Image by Krishna Gopal

The scenery you go through are like hidden sculptures in a palace. The Kaas plateau of Maharashtra is one such mansion. Here, you’ll find ever smiling women walking through splendid flower gardens which are beyond our wildest imaginations. There’s no smoke machine to block your lungs, neither there is any vehicle to honk your ears away. There is just a silent beauty that relaxes every part of your body and mind and of course, there are many places to visit within these settings too.

Kudremukh Karnataka
Kudremukh in Karnataka

Standing next is the Kudremukh which is actually famous for it’s Mines and is progressively becoming a popular superlative picturesque Hill Station. Set in the ghats of Karnataka, the region gives you a first class experience as you can rumble through the green plots of pure formidable locales. And just to add a vintage touch, comes “The Vintage Gulmarg” which provides prime luxury to tourists. Hiding beyond the lower walls of Himalayas is this five-star place which has complete extravagance aboard. It offers a perfect blend  of luxurious rooms and suites with spectacular views of the mountain range and Gulmarg golf course redefining the traditional concepts of luxury.

Native and Traditional Tourism is the key for modern tourism to enhance it’s field of view and help tourists make the best of both worlds in their voyage to our native homeland.

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