Durga Puja at Kheydaya – Our Ancestral House

With all year round busy with our work life, we Bengali’s wait for the four day festival Durga Puja. Durga Puja is an eccentric part of every Bengali people. Lots of childhood memories are attached with this Durga Puja. We have our ancestral house at “Kheyadaha” which is a place outskirts of the busy Kolkata at south 24 Parganas.

Our family may be regarded as “Ekkanoborti Poribar” which means a “Joint Family”. For the entire year we may be busy with our daily life and be scattered here and there. But for this puja time we all try to unite and enjoy to the fullest.

“Natmandir”- The place where Goddess Durga is kept and offered Puja
“Natmandir”- The place where Goddess Durga is kept and offered Puja

Our ancestral house has a rich heritage. It’s almost around 150 years old. During puja the “Natmandir” gets a new look. For four consecutive days i.e. ‘Sasthi’,’Saptami’,’Astami’,’Navami’ and ‘Dashami’ we offer puja to Goddess Durga. People from distant villages come to our ancestral house for offering puja or “Anjali” as this is the only place where Durga Puja is being organised.

Goddess Durga
Goddess Durga

Kheyadaha” is a place filled with greenery where not much of development or people stay over here. People lead a simple life here and with pride they do so. At the end of the fourth day of the Puja i.e. “Dashami”, “Ma Durga” returns to his beloved husband with her children.

We bid “Ma Durga” goodbye with “Shindur Khela” and wait for the next year for the puja- “ASCHEY BOCHOR ABAR HOBE

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