In Delhi? Here is what you should be aware of

When you’re planning to visit the capital city of Delhi, it may seem quite magnificent and full of splendor on your part. Delhi has always been a place where travelers have always longed to go. But, as time has passed, the opulence has been fading away and has been replaced by scams and bad activities.

But, we are here to make you aware of the most probable problems that you might face during your Delhi visit.

1) Beggar Scams

Delhi may seem developed but poverty still resides as an inherent component in the capital city. Many beggars are innocent while many are befouling the tourists. It is good to donate but it is not good to become sentimental and give away your money for a reason which was never there.

2) Travel Problems

Whether it be public/private buses, taxis, auto or rickshaws, you might try to cheat you. Public Transport buses like DTC buses usually do not complete their routes shortening the length by changing the destination. The conductors befoul many people by selling ticket at higher prices.

Taxi drivers may pretend that they do not know the way to your “Hotel” and suggest you to go to another hotel suggested by them. There’s a bond between drivers and hotel managers on account of bringing people to their hotels.

Also, auto drivers may charge exorbitant money for a short distance and may prove to be very uncooperative.

3) Agent Scams

The agent industry of Delhi is the biggest scam in all of the capital. Many travelers are diverted from taking normal and legitimate paths to agents who describe whopping prices for the same scheme or tour. Even if a tourist tries to find his/her own way, he is not allowed to and is hindered at a lot of points.

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4) Imported Material Scams

You can always look for a souvenir or a thing which describes your experience but do not indulge in buying imported materials from a petty shop. It usually happens that people end up buying fake imported products for a large price and there ‘s no option but to cry in the end. Be aware of what you are laying your hands on.

5) Petty Offers

Even if you do not express yourself as a tourist, there’s a bedlam of people that can analyse your situation and can make you pay for it. If you’re hurt, a small doctor might end up taking as high as Rs. 3000 for a petty issue like burn. Also, there are many offers from hawkers, people across roads and streets who desperately try to sell stuff which may look attractive but is not productive neither of good quality.

Other issues like lost baggage, pick-pocketing, stealing, snatching etc. are issues that are widely famous across Delhi.

Delhi looks like a clean state but only the insiders know what lies behind the borders and what abyss it has got sunken into.

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