Div, our local expert in Mumbai shares his love for travel

Div_Padhaaro Greeter

Div has been a greeter with Padhaaro for quite some time and has offered mesmerizing and memorable experiences to our tourists who wanted to visit Mumbai and experience everything that makes the city stand out from the rest. In this interview he shares what it’s like to be a greeter for Padhaaro, about his passion for travelling and much more.

1) Mumbai is a great city. What according to you is the best thing about it?

The best Thing about Mumbai is Mumbaikar (the people) Spirit. It is the city that never sleeps. The people of Mumbai are quite helpful in nature. They have fast life, yet manage time for family and friends. Also, the city is full of history.

2) How did your interest in travelling and becoming a greeter at Padhaaro develop?

From my childhood till today I have liked to travel a lot, exploring new places, understanding the history behind the place and knowing new people and their culture. I really like the concept of Padhaaro and the very moment I decided to be a part of it. Thank you team Padhaaro.

3) What are your personal favorite destinations that you travelled to? What’s the best thing about travel according to you?

If you are stressed and need to relax the best place is Mandvi beach (Kutch, Gujarat) and if you want to enjoy some waterfall and nature Lonavla, Malshej- Ghat and Matheran are the best place to go . The best thing about traveling is you enjoy every bit of second, new place, new culture, new people it’s a completely refreshing experience.

4) When you are not working or travelling you are…

When I am not working or travelling, I am a Photographer, I play badminton, watch couple of movies and series, and most importantly hang out with friends.

5) You have greeted few tourists of Padhaaro in past. What are the best features of the travelling experience that you provide them?

I got an opportunity to greet and I made sure that he could enjoy every bit of Mumbai and the life of it: from the holy place to Marine Drive and Cafe-Ideal. I covered the most of Mumbai in a short period of time.

Div with Padhaaro Tourist

6) A brief mention of the work that you are consumed in on weekdays.

I am a finance working professional and dedicated towards work on weekdays, my friends used to call me a workaholic. I give my 100% in anything I start and see to it that it should get completed on time.

7) You love being a greeter for Padhaaro because….

The concept of Padhaaro is something really helpful and innovative, it’s a win-win for tourist and greeter. We get an opportunity to know the people from the other part of the world and they can share their culture with us.

If you are willing to explore the Div’s side of Mumbai(or Bombay as we call it), check out his Expert tour here.

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