Discover South India on Two Wheels!

Rightly has somebody stated – “Travel is the only thing you buy to make yourself richer.”

Cities_of_South_India_with_Highway_Network_Map South India is a jewel in the casket of the nation and surely, some journeys cannot be called anything less than an amazing blessing cloaked around. There are always certain ones that add to your proud riches of vivid experiences, increased understanding and hence, give you a more practical and positive attitude towards a blissful living.

Road trips are always a fun way to enjoy and enrich your list of experiences. Long road trips that enhance and improve your perspective are ones that you ought not to miss. And to that, I must mention that the tapering South India peninsular region explored on two wheels would be one of the splendid road trips you will remember and cherish for ages to come! Especially when you are unknown and relatively new, there can never be a better way of grasping an introduction of South India. Definitely the best and the closest possible way to unleash you on the South India is by cruising the roads and scouting though the soils of South India.

Biking South India
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South Indian Roads


Starting at early dawn is the best way I suggest. For nothing can be more refreshing than the early morning roads in states of South India. Chasing the monsoons on your bike will also prove to be a fun ride during the month of July, when the southern tip of the country is drenched in the rain waters, and is also a blissful experience for all who love the showers.

A journey that lasts for about a month matures you into a person who has evolved with each passing mile, discovering new beginnings and ends! Though a flight to one of the states to begin with (I prefer Pondicherry due to its end on location) could sound like a brilliant idea but if you intend to get a deeper insight, go for the local trains to mingle with the locals of South India. Though you might fell like falling prey to the tiff in the overcrowded railways, it is at times really good to experience the crowds. A road trip on a bike would be a thrilling experience for all and sundry. Absorbing the tradition and ethnicity of the states in South India is one of the most mesmerizing experiences!

Exploring the South Indian states, their people, food and culture can never get any better. A road trip allows you to stop anywhere you feels like, to interact and click loads of memories. The bounce and the bling in your heart, the chasing beats with every turn that expects something new, unexplored and exciting sets you racing through the peninsula. No doubt, a trip along South India can truly mesmerize any soul alive on the planet!

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