Dine fine, and spend from dollars to dime in Delhi : Restaurants in Delhi (Part 2)

Delhi, the national capital of India has been long occupied by several reigns, serving as their capital. Along with the ‘rules’, came the thumb rule too. The rule of eating. The rule of food. The thumb rule of this ‘shehar nahi mehfil hai’ (not a city, it’s a gathering) is to feast favourably at the fare!

We guide you through the menu in parts one and two.

Heritage and Regional Fare

Soda Bottle Openerwala

soda bottle opeenrwala

A trip down the Irani lane, Parsi style. A visit to this legacy of sorts, a tribute to the eccentric Parsi community, is a must for lots of food for thought and tummy!




Delhi’s best chicken is served here-hands down. The recipe is a big secret as their forefathers have been the Mughal cooks and cooking comes as a heritage to them. Roasted chicken, butter chicken, kebabs – ye name it, and ye shall taste it at Karim’s. This joint is open till 12 pm if you want to hop in for a late chicken bite.

Oh Calcutta!

oh calcutta

This restaurant takes you eastward to give you a taste (dishes) and sight (ambience) of the Bengali, Nawabi and Colonial cuisine.

Moti Mahal

moti mahal

One of the oldest in its kind, it is built like an old style mahal (palace) serving their own invention – tandoori cuisine. The food and ambience, remnants of the bygone era are a perfect combination for a peaceful dinner or lunch.

Punjabi by nature

punjabi by nature

They serve North Indian cuisine, extending the Punjabi nature to the golgappa (popular street snack also known as pani puri) by giving it a vodka twist!

Saravana Bhavan

sarvana bhawan

This place is famed for serving vegetarian dishes and has been listed under regional favourites serving South Indian food, and great breakfast collection. Owing to the central location, this one’s a crowd puller!

With food to gorge, they give you takeaway of sorts!



An enthralling experience at this place, on the 24th floor, at 240 feet, offering a panoramic view taking a pirouette of the national capital coupled with food and drinks. Need I say more?

Chor Bizarre

chor bizzare

The intriguing name is, in fact, an allude to the thieves’ market (Chor Bazaar) in pertinent cities in India. Every visible feature of this eatery, serving Kashmiri cuisine, is riveting – the décor, the salver, the food itself (it’s moderately spiced than the rest of the cuisines of the country), and the famed ‘vintage’ salad bar on a 1927 Fiat Roadster!

chor bizzare

Tip off: You can pick up a piece of portable item if you’re pleased, with permission and paying its price of course!

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