What you cannot afford to miss on Durga Pujo?

As the festive arrives in the city of joy and people get busy planning the days to come, I list down my list of things you cannot afford to miss during the Durga Pujo.

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Bengali Sweets

With a rich food platter to suit all taste buds, Kolkata has something to surprise your appetite always. The long list of Bengali sweets provides less room for drop out. From the well-known rosogolla, kalakand, kher kadam, sarpuria, patishapta, jol bhora sandesh and raj bhog to contemporary innovations of chocolate sundaes, gur er soufflé are served with pride and vigour. Anyone visiting these shops faces difficulty in eliminating options.

The Customary Bhog

The customary bhog served on asthami and navami (8th and 9th day of Durga Puja) is no less than any exquisite delicacy. The pandals committee organises events and bhog is distributed to locals after puja in the evenings.

Khichudi, labra and chutny (rice risotto, vegetable curry and savoury jam) is something everyone looks forward to. Several helpings of the bog also fail to satisfy appetite. The distribution is via a long queue and saal patar thala (dried leaf plate) adds to the taste.

Photo by Sayantan Mitra
Photo by Sayantan Mitra
Photo by Sayantan Mitra
Photo by Sayantan Mitra

Street Food

Open any news feed on Kolkata and you can never miss the mention of street food. Although Kolkatans keep street food alive every day, food counters are open 24 hours during Durga Puja. Also, special stalls are set up around major pandals and high footfall areas.

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Trumpet of Dhak and Dhunuchi Naach

Durga puja is not complete without the maddening beats of dhak. The dhak (Bengali: ঢাক) is a huge membranophone instrument from South Asia. It’s suspended from the neck, tied to the waist and kept on the lap or the ground, and usually played with wooden sticks. Drum beats are an integral part of Durga Puja. The arati of goddess is majestified with the trumpet of dhak and dhunuchi naach.

Photo by Plabon Das
Photo by Plabon Das

Every morning of Durga puja starting from the sixth day pushpanjali is a custom to worship the goddess and wishes peace and prosperity.


Bengal is and has always been passionate about food, culture, politics and adda. No matter which age group or occasion, there can be an effortless and endless discussion that happens quite naturally. It’s one of the most relaxing thing to communicate thoughts and opinions so openly.

Wishing best wishes for pujo, hope you all have great fun.

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