Breakout inside the aquatic opulence – Scuba Diving

Have you ever thought of spending some time below the actual sea level. Everyday, millions of families make plans to visit their dream destinations across the globe but no one would have given a thought to spend some time with fishes.

Sounds a little weird but this revolting thought comes alive when you rewind your thoughts towards aquatic tourism. Yes, it’s the most predominantly exquisite type of tourism which is based upon undersea experience. With a 7517 km long coastline at its disposal, India has always been a tempting tourist spot and will, no doubt, continue to remain one. There are countless beaches along the Indian coastline and some of these beaches have got some really cool stuff to do.

Scuba Diving and skiing are increasing becoming popular sports for tourists and that too at a moderate expense. Goa is one such hot spot where you can find an attractive Jet-Ski to rumble through the exquisite waters of the Arabian Sea or you can also find a colorful surf-boat to dive across the refreshing salty waves. Although, these sports are less associated with a country like India but India too is developing really fast in terms of exclusive tourist entertainment.

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Scubadiving at Bangaram Island (Lakshadweep)

Scuba Diving is also a sport of great interest for foreign tourists. Now a days, Scuba diving is periodically planned to have a go through with large associations of fishes which revolve around the coasts. A few miles across the sea comes Lakshadweep which is famous for it’s corals-accompanied underwater exploration. Ranked as one of the most beautiful getaways in the world the stunning island of Bangaram, is surrounded by a shallow lagoon enclosed by coral reef. Apart from its coral reefs ,the captivating elements are its puffer fish, Manta rays, Moray eels, Hawksbill turtles, hermit crabs and other stunning aquatic life. Experienced divers from across the globe claim the virgin reefs of Bangaram to be among the best in the world.

Kadmat Beach
Another routine sunset hits the Kadmat horizon | Image by Seemant Saxena

Some of the popular attractions here include Manta and the wreck of Princess Royal. Kadmat is famous for its long sandy beaches filled with swaying coconut palms, rich coral reefs and spectacular lagoon, with the Scuba Diving centre here being a major attraction amongst sports lovers. Here one can also enjoy pedal boats, yachts, and glass bottomed boats.Enclosing the islets of Tilakkam, Pitti and Cheriyam is Kalpeni another major attraction of Lakshadweep known for its picturesque beauty and huge coral banks. While divers can enjoy its beautiful coral banks, non swimmers can try the sail boats, pedal boats and reef walks apart from a visit to the lighthouse and Banyan factory.

If you turn around to the other side of the coastline, you’ll find other places to hang around like the beaches of Pondicherry  and the famous Andaman Nicobar Islands.These islands being numerous in quantity and fewer in area, they are like mini chests of rejoice.So, if you were packing bags to visit an Indian beach, surely grab some scuba diving suits and a pair of flippers so you can mix up in the surroundings.

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