Best Travel “Snapchat” accounts for every Wanderluster to follow

Has the travel bug bitten you already? Are you drowned in the wanderlust yet?


Snapchat has been the fastest growing phone application in 2014. This app is a platform that brings to you pictures and videos of real time by people around the world whom you can add as friends and follow what’s happening around in their lives. ¬†Users upload their pictures and live footages as a “snapstory” for their friends to see.

Can’t you imagine how wonderful it would be to see videos of people pelting tomatoes at each other at the¬†Tomatino festival in Spain, dancing madly at the Sunburn festival in Goa or mounted at the back of an elephant on a wildlife safari in Africa?

All that you need to do, is follow the Snapchat accounts of these marvelous travelers and enjoy seeing the world through their eyes.

1. Drew Binsky (drewbinsky)

A young guy in his 20s, Drew loves to travel to different places, meeting new people and having the maximum amount of fun while on his travelling spree. He is famous for his travel blog, The Hungry Partier, and has covered almost all parts of the globe. Since 2012, Drew has been able to travel through 53 countries across the globe.

You can follow his account “drewbinsky” on snapchat to know about the local events, festivals and parties of the countries he explores. You never know, he might just reply you back!

Drew Binsky in Northern Arizona.
Drew Binsky in Northern Arizona.

2. Kate McCully (adventurouskate)

Kate McCully, better known as Adventurous Kate, is one of the most famous female travel bloggers. Influenced by movies like Eat, pray, love and Under the tuscan sun, at the age of 26 she decided to leave her job and follow her passion of travelling and writing.

Follow her snapchat account “adventurouskate”, for she keeps everyone on tenterhooks for her new upcoming snapstories.


3. Edna (ExpatEdna)

Edna fell in love with travelling at an early age and gives a wide variety of advices and inspiration to the travelers setting out on their journeys. She runs a blog named Expat Edna whose content and photography will make you fall in love with travelling. She has also freelanced in international sports events in Asia and Australia.

To know more about her travel journeys, follow her account “ExpatEdna” on snapchat.

edna snapchat

4. Topdeck Travel (

TopDeck Travel is a travel tour company which provides tips to people throughout the globe. This operator offers 330 different tours in 65 countries. Topdeck is known for having the World’s first travel show on snapchat.

Follow their account “” on snapchat, for topdeckers are present everywhere, all the time. Your snapchat would be full of their snapstories from different places, showcasing festivals, sports and other adventures.



5. Stephanie Be (travelbreak)

A bon vivant, Stephanie is a trained writer and a social media expert. She has been featured in Forbes and the International Business Times, known for her famous personal blog “Travel Break“. She loves to travel for fun, to relax and to explore outdoor adventures.

Follow Steph on snapchat account “travelbreak” and find out what she’s been upto lately.



Go follow these snapchat accounts and set on a virtual journey while still sitting back on that couch at your home!

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