Best Travel Photographers in India

Camera is the most incredible invention of the human era. And thanks to the photographers to capture the charm and essence of the people and places they visit. Their work is paradoxical. It not only quenches your thirst for wanderlust but also it puts you on the edge to pack your things and leave at the same time.  While they bring you the captivating pictures, I bring you some of the best travel photographers to give you the most amazing photographic tour around the country.

1.Rishi Raj Singh Rathore

He captures the mesmerizing views around the country with his lens. A never settling traveler puts the stories of people and places in a spectacular frame. His captivating photo gallery will definitely bite you with a travel bug.

Follow Rishi on instagram @the.indian.traveller

the.indian.traveler (2)

2. Rufus Reynolds

His photos are amazing and will render you speechless. One cannot get enough of his eccentric photography. His work of photography is a definite cure for wanderlust.

Follow Rufus on instagram @ramu.ka.ka


3. Neelima Vellangi

She is a freelance travel writer and photographer who also happens to be an adventure enthusiast. The way she seizes the raw and natural beauty of country with its picturesque landscapes and mountain views will just make you go wow.

Get a glimpse of her breathtaking work at neelimav


4. George Koruth

A documentary and travel photographer, he shares stories, colors and food from India. His photos portray the ‘incredible’ India and its people are famous for. The way he captures the colors and essence of commoners is admirable.

Follow George on instagram @fotobaba

fotobaba (2)

5. Abhinav Chandel

A mountain lad who not only capture the gigantic beauty of mountains but also words them with  his beautiful poetry and stories. The  snow capped mountains or the serene river flows that he captures in his camera are no less than alluring sceneries.

Follow him on instagram @abhiandnow


6. Canonicious

Experience a little wanderlust as she captures the monumental beauty of the relics. Her photography art of with tombs and mausoleums is outstanding.

To have a glimpse of her work, follow her on instagram @Canonicious.


7. Gursimran Basra

A vagabond photographer that captures common man and his stories through his lens. His photography seizes the quaint and calm in the bustling streets of India capturing rareness among the crowd.

Follow his work on instagram @coffee.karma


8. Abhinav Singhai

His photography is simply awe-inspiring. The way he captures the beauty of landscapes is surreal.

Check his astounding work on instagram @abhinavinsta


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