Best Places for Corporate Team Building Activities in Karnataka

Corporate culture can give way to a ton of undue stress which isn’t good for the employees and in turn bad for an organization. To keep the morale high and foster a sense of team spirit, many corporations have taken to going out once a month or less frequently to do some team building activities.

Depending on the kind of activities a team wants to indulge in, there are several options from tame to extreme.

1. Nandi Hills

This may be the perfect spot for some fun and games. Surrounded by lush, green hills, this place is ideal for corporate team building activities. Several activities like cricket, volleyball, raft building are set up. If one wishes to, there is also the option to set up camp or go on a trek, kayaking and other adventure activities. This place can be tailored to suit the needs of the company. For a two-day trip, there are plenty of resorts in Nandi Hills that can step up and organize such activities.

2. Manchinbele

Located 50 km from Bangalore, this place is great for upping the adventure levels. There are dozens of adventure activities, water sports and team building activities available in this beautiful location that make for a very positive experience. Water sports like canoeing, kayaking and rafting are also available here. Not to mention, the picture perfect location that can be the backdrop of many a happy picture.  

3. Bheemeshwari

Again known for adventure activities, Bheemeshwari is also a great place for corporate team building activities. This is also quite a scenic destination with opportunities for fishing and sightseeing.

4. Kanakpura

Another step above Nandi Hills, Kanakpura offers trekking, kayaking, water rafting as well as zip lining, rappelling and bouldering. This is great for team building activities that focus purely on extreme adventures.

5. Doddamakali

Great place to set up camp and enjoy the sights or fishing and birdwatching, Doddamakali is equally brilliant for team activities. Located at a distance of 150 km from Bangalore, this place is stunningly beautiful.

6. Savandurga

Trekking and cave exploring is a hot activity here. While trekking opportunities are aplenty in and around Karnataka, cave exploring is hard to come by. Cave exploring is also known as spelunking. Exploring caves in teams can be a perfect team building exercise. Apt for team activities, this place is great for building morale with the countless adventure options.

7. Ramanagra

Along with the basic adventure and games, this place has canoeing, rappelling, zip-lining, kayaking as well as some unheard of activities such as rain dance, swimming in the lake with life jackets and indoor games. This spot has various degrees of activities which makes perfect sense for the entire team.

Unless there is a specific adventure on the agenda, any of the places should suffice to build a positive and healthy team building activity that can be enjoyed by everyone on the team. It could also be a great idea to make the courses progressively harder each year to test the team’s mettle but also choose a place that allows them to fully relax. Whether that happens in the midst of nature and green hills or inside a modern resort, team building can only be perceived well if all the stakeholders enjoy themselves.

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