A look at the Best Amusement Parks in India

Amusement parks! If somehow, you are not satisfied with the level of amusement that the streets have to offer and yearn for more. Here are some of the places you can check in to! Also, we are referring the official websites of these awesome fun zones so that you can get a broader view of what they’re all about!

Essel World, Mumbai

Shot-N-Drop | Credits: graphitishow
Shot-N-Drop | Credits: graphitishow

India’s largest amusement theme park, Essel World caters to the diverse age groups with their kids rides, adults rides and family rides. The Shot-N-Drop can scare the bravest of hearts- imagine getting shot up to 190 feet with sheer streak and coming down in a free fall! Besides this ride, other adrenaline pumping rides like Rainbow, Thunder and Enterprise also enjoy high popularity. Equally enjoyable are family rides such as Zipper Dipper and Aqua drive, which are quite timid roller coasters.

Click here for the official website of Essel World

Nicco Park, Kolkata

Rumble and tumble down and up in the Cyclone!
Rumble and tumble down and up in the Cyclone!

A whooping 12 rides come for free with the entry fee, which includes the toy train that takes you around the park helping you to sketch up a list of rides you might want to try. The Cyclone is India’s biggest wooden roller coaster and is a hair raising experience! The River Cave is a family ride- but oh! If you think this is going to be a laid back, casual ride- every turn in the darkness would surprise you!

The vibrancy, that is Nicco Park!
The vibrancy, that is Nicco Park!

There are a lot of rides to be enjoyed in the main park itself, which is supplemented by a water theme park- Wet O’ Wild which has whirling water slides, a popular wave pool and several other water-themed attractions for those who love frolicking in the water!

Click here for the official website of Nicco Park

Wonderla, Bangalore

How about a Wonder Splash?
How about a Wonder Splash?

Highly praised for its quality entertainment, Wonderla has amusement parks in Bangalore and Kochi. With major attractions like Wonder Splash and Sky Wheel up its sleeves, Wonderla is sure to captivate your fascination. Be it the Dungeons of Horror which transports you to your post horror-flick nightmares, or the Termite Coaster (don’t let the funky name misguide you!), Wonderla does it with perfection!

Click here for the official website of Wonderla

Snow World, Hyderabad

With strict international standards, Snow World is in a league of its own. Who said you cannot get snow in Hyderabad? Make, shoot, play- The snow is all yours! The artificial snowfall and indoor go karting arena along with the snow wars, snow slides make it a favorite among kids and adults alike!

Click here for the official website of Snow World

Appu Ghar, Delhi

The pioneer of amusement parks in India, the group now has a chain of popular amusement parks in its belt. The oldest one is in Delhi, and houses various rides for children along with rides like Big Splash, the Roller Coaster etc. Besides these, games on snow and water also add to its charm

Appu Ghar, Noida
Appu Ghar, Noida

Click here for the official website of Appu Ghar

Aquatica, Kolkata

A fun filled water theme amusement park, Aquatica, since its inception, has been a saviour for people subjected to the ruthless Indian summer heat. The water slides to the pool and more- for people (like me!) who love romping about and frolicking in the water, Aquatica is a viable option!

Click here for the official website of Aquatica

Adlabs Imagica, Mumbai

They stay true to their claim- “There’s something for everyone at Imagica“. While Save the Pirate is a favourite among kids for its competitive appeal, the Splash Ahoy attracts the grown-ups as well. (who wouldn’t love a chance to be Jack Sparrow?) The Rajasaurus River Adventure takes you on an unexpected adventure journey, while Nitro is a fierce favourite! (India’s biggest roller coaster!) Adlabs Imagica is an amazing collection of rides and themed attractions!

Click here for the official website of Adlabs Imagica

Queen’s Land, Chennai

This amusement park is located at Chennai and a distinguishing point is there is no charge on rides apart from the entry fee. The Free Fall Tower is a flagship ride among the 51 rides that are available in the park. The water themed rides are also popular with the visitors. Queensland offers a lucrative deal at a reasonable price- a fact that works for its popularity!

Click here for the official website of the Queen’s land Amusement Park

Funtasia Island, Patna

A recluse from the heat, Funtasia does cool you while the concrete jungle burns! They claim to have come up with 9 unique water rides with different artificial surfing equipment etc. Some of the slides are seriously scary whooshing into the water!

Click here for the official website of Funtasia Water Park

Wonderla, Kochi

I don't know what's more scary, that thing going up or plunging down!
I don’t know what’s more scary- that thing going up or plunging down!

While Balarama Cave terrorizes you with creatures of the night, the Wind Mill takes you on a ride to highs (I deliberately refrained from using ‘high ride’, cause you know… Well.) Feel the chill run up your spine as you plunge rapidly in the Thunder Fall. The rides are many, thrills and excitements times as much! The water rides are a go, if you’re too much heated up from the dry ones!

Click here for the official website of Wonderla, Kochi

So, that’s a collation of amusement parks that have been sorted out for you. Let us know if you’ve memorable experience of them!

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