Beat the Heat Indian Style- 9 Indian Beverages for this Summer!

With summer setting in, the mercury has already soared up, the sun is scorching and the throat craves for more than water. So, here’s a list of refreshing Indian beverages that could cool you down while you’re on your trips across the hotter parts of India this summer.

Aam Panna

aam panna
Aam Panna

This green colored  drink is prepared from raw mango extracts, refreshingly cool with several other medicinal values. A tinge of sourness but leaves you with a sweet aftertaste. You might find this as a your armor against the Indian heat!


Mango lassi varanasi
Mango Lassi!

Ah! The quintessentially Indian drink, equally relished all over the world. Prepared from yogurt, the favourite Lassi is now available over a wide variety of flavours- mint, mango, rose amidst others. The blend with rose syrup tastes rather amazing though!

Chaach / Buttermilk

mint lassi

Similar to Lassi, but a slight different taste owing to its water content. this buttermilk preparation is best enjoyed with ice during the heated months. In India, consumption of buttermilk with added water, sugar and/or salt/ curry leaves is common. A soothing effect that comes with immense nutritional values.

Tamarind Juice

tamarind juice

Although sugar and salt are added, the sourness might just give you that closed eye syndrome, but leaves with a tinge of sweet aftertaste. Oh! And an amazing coolant with medical values!

Coconut water

coconut water

This quencher needs no introduction. Almost available at demand, you’ll find plenty street vendors chopping of the top flesh and enable you delve into the cool liquid inside. A healthy go to for anyone who has to trudge the streets beneath the scorching sun.

Badam Milk

Badaam Milk
The Enticing glass of Badam Milk!

Nuts and milk make up for a rather regal drink, to be enjoyed in luxurious way. You’ll definitely regret when you reach the bottom of the brimming glass. Oh no! Why could that one minute of delirium not continue till eternity?

Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice

Also commonly referred as the ‘Indian beer’, vendor carts selling this are seen as a blessing to one’s dried throat! A mild sweet taste, just apt to rejuvenate the body.

Pudina Juice

pudina juice

Prepared from Pudina extracts, this juice offers not only cool refreshment, but is also a boon for the digestive system. Recommended if you’ve had the spicy Indian snacks and have to bear the heat.

Rooh Afza

rooh afza

Developed in India, this brand of sherbets present a wide variety of choices over various syrups- the most popular being the rose syrup. Added with water, served with ice, a glass of this delicious liquid is everything you need to feel refresh.

Now, these are some of the saviors in case you plan to experience the sultry, hot Indian summer. Well ironically, you just have more reasons to visit India during summer! Also, try the Indian Gola or Chuski.

ice gola

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