Basic Language Hacks to survive in a New City

A traveler’s definition of true love is wanderlust. And it’s not a good feeling when your journey with wanderlust gets interrupted because of lack of communication in a new beautiful city. To have smooth uninterrupted journeys in the future, here are a few language hacks that will help you survive in some famous cities of the world.

langauge hacks

The first conversation in a new country will be with a taxi driver and just your address will never be enough to reach your destination. Here is a list of languages with how to say –

Language  “Will you take me to (address)?”
Hindi Kya aap (address) challenge?
Arabic sawf yakhudhni ‘iilaa (address)?
Chinese Nǐ huì dài wǒ qù (address)?
Dutch Zal je me naar (address)?
French Voulez-vous me prendre pour (address)?
German Willst du mich zu ergreifen, um (address)?
Italian Mi porterai a (address)?
Japanese Anata ga suru watashi o torudarou (address)?
Spanish Me llevarás a (address)?
Swedish Kommer du att ta mig till (address)?

Now it is natural to encounter new things in a new place and instead of letting your curiosity run amok and ruin your peace of mind, wouldn’t you rather ask about it and get it over with?

Language  “What is this/ that?”
Hindi Yeh/ Vo kya hai?
Arabic ma hu hdha / hadhana?
Chinese Zhè shì shénme/shì shénme?
Dutch wat is dit / dat ?
French quel est ce / qui ?
German was ist das / das?
Italian che cosa è questo / che ?
Japanese Kore wa, sore ga/ nandesuka?
Spanish qué es esto / eso?
Swedish vad är detta / det?

Once you have navigated your way around the town, you need to sort out your payments or the happy feeling that comes along with being in a new place will soon turn to irritation because of the alien money talk. Here is the list of the simplest way to ask how much your ride cost:

Language  “How much does this cost?”
Hindi Yeh kitne ka hai?
Arabic kam yukallif hdhaan ?
Chinese Zhège duōshǎo qián?
Dutch Hoeveel kost dit?
French Combien cela coûte?
German Wie viel kostet es?
Italian Quanto costa questo?
Japanese Kono kosuto wa dono kurai imasu ka?
Spanish Cuánto cuesta este?
Swedish Hur mycket kostar den här?

On an itinerary of any trip, there will always be special plans for food. The best delicacies of any new place will be taste best from a street stall. To access this street food you need to be able to communicate with the street food vendor. Here’s how you ask about the most popular food:

Language “What food is famous here?”
Hindi Yaha pe kya khaas khane ko milta hai?
Arabic ma hu alghidha’ alshshahir huna ?
Chinese Shénme shíwù zhèlǐ shì yǒumíng de?
Dutch Welk voedsel is beroemd hier?
French Qu’est-ce que la nourriture est célèbre ici?
German Welche Nahrung ist hier berühmt?
Italian Che cibo è famosa qui ?
Japanese Dono yōna shokuhin wa, koko de yūmeina nodesu ka?
Spanish Qué alimento es famoso aquí ?
Swedish Vilken mat är känd här ?

Even travellers closest to perfection, sometimes forget to pack certain necessary items. Unless you are travelling to a completely rural set up, a mall will always be around the corner.  Here is how you ask someone to direct you to a mall/store

Language “Where is the closest mall here?”
Hindi Sabse paas shopping mall kaha hai?
Arabic hayth hu ‘aqrab markaz lilttasawwuq huna ?
Chinese Dāng zhèlǐ shì zuìjìn de shāngchǎng?
Dutch Waar is het dichtstbijzijnde winkelcentrum hier?
French Où est le plus proche du centre commercial ici?
German Wo ist das nächstgelegene Einkaufszentrum hier ?
Italian Dove si trova il centro commerciale più vicino qui ?
Japanese Doko ni mottomo chikai shoppingumōru wa kokodesu ka?
Spanish Dónde está el centro comercial más cercano aquí?
Swedish Var finns närmaste köpcentrum här ?

Now with these basic language hacks, you don’t have to feel clueless in a new city anymore. Be it Berlin, Paris, New York or Amsterdam; you are ready. Get set – Go!

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