Bangalore: The City of Possibilities

Bangalore city transcends the cosmopolitan experience to a whole new level with its friendly residents, helpful strangers and a food palate that can cater to anyone’s needs. The reason this city has such a wonderful atmosphere is because of its weather. Neither hot nor cold, always breezy and full of trees, this city attracted people from far and wide to settle here, allowing different cultures to mix, thereby creating a vibrant environment. The city has managed to evolve with times while retaining its old world charm. There are numerous places to visit in Bangalore. To simplify the process, I have divided the destinations into two parts, Tourist interests and Local flavours.



This is a very popular botanical garden in India, spanning over 240acres. The garden is famous for its annual flower show, which attracts people from far and wide, which is held in the world famous and extremely beautiful glass house of Lal Bagh. There are also trees in the garden which are over a hundred years old. It has four gates, the Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern gates, facing those respective directions. It also houses a beautiful lake, which if you visit early in the morning, you can see the nearby residents going on their daily walks and jogs, while their children and grand children are running around, chasing each other, feeding the duck and fish, a personification of the lifestyle which makes this city so unique.

Glass House, Lal Bagh, Bangalore
Glass House, Lal Bagh, Bangalore


Cubbon park, build in the 1800s spans 300 acres of flora and fauna, with diverse and exotic plant species. It is well known for the ’toy train’ within the children’s play park area (which is within cubbon park), which is become an iconic part of the ‘Bangalore experience’. Within the cubbon park, we have The State Archeological Museum, housing items which are a collector’s envy, Seshadri Iyer Memorial Library, with a great collection of books, including a Braille section, which is an architectural beauty apart from being one of the best state central library in India, The Attara Kacheri, which now accommodates the Karnataka high court and has the most beautiful gothic architecture. It also houses the Vidhana Sauda, Vikasa Souda and the Bangalore Aquarium.

Cubbon Park | Image Credits: Shyamanta Phukan
Cubbon Park | Image Credits: Shyamanta Phukan


This fort was the summer abode of Mysore emperor Tipu Sultan. It has been built exclusively of teak wood and is a fine example of the Islamic influence on Mysorian architecture, to produce a master-piece. It is located in old Bangalore, near the Kalasipalya Bus-stand. It also is a museum housing some of the Tipu Sultan artifacts


The most popular planetarium in Bangalore, it is located on Sir.T.Chowdaiah Road, is also a science park and science center, filled with many interesting scientific trivia. There also have a large sound-proof auditorium which is of international standard. The Sky theatre is also very popular, for its night projector which is used to see the night sky. The planetarium also conducts many interesting workshop and activities for school children to further their interests in science.


This is a centre for exhibition of science and technology, which is located in Kasturba road. The museum is a treasure house of scientific knowledge, and like the Planetarium, conducts plenty of activities to build the scientific curiosity of a child. They have a recently constructed 3D theatre which is one of its kind and a must see. The museum is divided into sections based on what it is housing, and must be visited by science enthusiasts.


Vidhana Sauda is the state legislative building of Bangalore. It is located within the Cubbon Park and is famous for its unique architecture, a Indo Dravidian style. It’s the largest legislative building in India. The building is extensively made of granite. An imitation, called the Vikasa Sauda was built recently, to find a solution for the growing need for space. Its very similar to the Vidhana Sauda in terms of architecture.

Vidhan Sauda Bangalore | Image Source: Mahindra Homestay
Vidhan Sauda Bangalore | Image Source: Mahindra Homestay


The Bannerghatta National park is a biological reserve which is over 25000 acres having a large variety of animals, including the Bengal tiger, lions, cheetah and a variety of other big cats, mammals, birds and other exotic creatures. It also has a butterfly park, inaugurated a few years ago. The park not only hosts many butterfly species but is also a museum and butterfly exhibit. The entire park is climate controlled.

The Bannerghatta park also has a museum which has a brilliant exhibit of extinct creatures, bone structures etc. It also houses a mini theatre to educate the pubic about the wildlife and a reptile house with many snakes, crocodiles, turtles etc


Bangalore was one a city full of lakes but unfortunately, with growing urbanization and industrialization, the numbers have depleted. But the government is now taking measures to protect the lakes and improvement has been noticed in the last few years. The famous lakes are Sankey Tank in Sadashivnagar, Bellandur lake, the largest in the city, Ulsoor lake, near MG road, Madivala lake, LalBagh lake, Nagavara lake, to name a few.


These are the places to visit if you want to experience Bangalore’s culture and interact with its vibrant young locals.


These three streets are where most of Bangalore loves to shop. You can get any garment at a reasonable price and of excellent quality. There are also a number of food franchises in these roads which are inexpensive. So with these two faculties covered, these streets are the most popular in Bangalore. They have also been enabled with free wifi, catering to the needs of the young. These streets are a joy to look at in the night when they are lit up are known for their infectious enthusiasm.

Brigade Road, Bangalore | Image Credits: Akash Bhattacharya
Brigade Road, Bangalore | Image Credits: Akash Bhattacharya


This road is a food haven, with restaurants lined on either side of the road. Name a cuisine, and a restaurant serving it can be found. Its filled with good food, good ambience and not to mention, the crowd is an interesting mix of sophisticated, Bohemian, Rodeo and intellectual. The restaurants to visit are, Little Italy(now Italia), Woodstok, the Island, Claytopia,  Copper chimney and Spaghetti kitchen,Muse, Daddy’s deli, NH8, which is just the tip of the ice berg.


The name says it all, it is essentially a street comprising of a number of food stalls who mostly serve ‘chaats’ a set of north Indian delicacies which is spicy, usually accompanied by potato, curd and beans of different kind. It only opens in the evening but is definitely worth a visit. Make sure you are hungry, there’s more than plenty to eat.

Dosa Making at VV Puram Street | Image Credits: Sukanta Maikap
Dosa Making at VV Puram Street | Image Credits: Sukanta Maikap


Bangalore pubs are popular all over the country, with people from everywhere coming to be a part of this experience. It has been called ‘The Pub Capital of India’ The pubs are each unique in their own way, catering to a specific audience. They all have distinct themes which they stick to, to provide a complete experience. One should note however that Bangalore is very strict about serving alcohol, so keeping ID proof for age is important. The police are also very particular about drinking and driving, so if you have plans of drinking, avoid the driving. The best pubs to head to are PlanB (off Brigade road), Hoppipola (Indiranagar), Toit (Indiranagar), Arbor Brewing Company (MG Road), Hard Rock Café (St.Mark’s road), The Biere Club (Vittal Mallya Road),  Barleyz-The Brew House (Koramangala).

These are all only some of the places you can visit in Bangalore, to cover them all, a whole series of sequels are required. See you soon with another titbit on Bangalore culture! Cheers to the greatest city in the world! (Ask any Bangalorean)

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