Arunachal Pradesh : Gateway to Serenity

If you want to explore the North East, Arunachal Pradesh, the “land of dawn-lit mountains“, is the perfect place for you to enjoy an idyllic isolation in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas. It is known for its unexplored passes, picturesque valleys, pristine lakes, beautiful waterfalls, ancient monasteries, war memorials and the diversity of its tribal culture. As it shares a border with Tibet, it has many military base camps and mobile connections have not reached in many parts of the state.


As one heads towards Tawang, River Kameng flows along with you and you can witness beautiful landscapes and lovely waterfalls along the way. Once you reach a typical Buddhist styled gate, see bright coloured flags fluttering all around against the backdrop of an azure blue sky surrounded by snow clad mountains, at an altitude of around 14,000 ft above seal level, you know you are at Sela Pass. The tranquility of the Sela Lake is mesmerizing and is definitely going to take your breath away! The weather can be quite unpredictable here though because of the altitude. A clear blue sky suddenly gets wrapped in white fog and the visibility starts reducing.

sela lake
Sela Lake! Source

The journey to Tawang is pretty long but the the panoramic view of the mountains helps you lessen the tiredness of the whole journey. You will come across one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Arunachal, Nuranang Falls. Unknown to travelers, this waterfalls gained its popularity after a song of the movie Koyla was shot here.

water falls

Tawang is known for its world famous Tawang Monastery which is Asia’s second largest. The highlights of this monastery are the imposing three-storied assembly hall and the 28 ft high golden statue of Lord Buddha.


There are also beautiful natural lakes in Tawang such as the Sangetsar lake which is also known as Madhuri Lake, named after Madhuri Dixit.

sangestar lake
Sangetsar Lake!

Ziro is a beautiful valley in Arunachal Pradesh lush with greenery and is mainly famous for its wetland cultivation. It is home to  the unique non nomadic and agrarian tribe, locally known as Apatanis. Apatanis are usually very simple and friendly. Often you will find yourself in the company of massive Mithun, “cattle of  mountain”, mainly found in the North eastern region of India. Don’t be scared! They are absolutely harmless and reared mainly for their superior quality meat by locals which is considered to be tender and delicious.

Ziro Valley! Source

Are you a music buff? Do you want to experience a wonderful musical journey in the lap of this valley, then don’t miss the Ziro Music Festival held usually in the month of September. A perfect blend of music and nature!

ziro fest
Artist performing at the Ziro Music Festival Source

You cannot really miss Arunachal if you really want to explore this part of the country. Bhalukpong, Bomdila, Dirang are some of the other places that are worth visiting if you are planning your trip here. It will surely not disappoint you with breathtaking scenic beauties and the hospitable people of the state.

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    Beautiful photos ! The Ziro Valley could be somewhere in the UK, it looks very much like the Yorkshire Moors.


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