Around the world…in Love! – Natalie & Robson of Love and Road.

So, here comes our second story in the series of Around the world… in Love. The story of Natalie and Robson of Love and Road.

“And they lived happily ever after!”

Don’t be surprised to see this phrase at the very beginning of the story…just stay with me! We all grew up watching the Disney tales and Rom Coms which would end with this phrase after the princess meets her prince charming, dreaming that someday our story would have a happy ending too. But, as you read this, I know for a fact that most of us would disagree with it, already smiling to yourselves thinking that there would never be a happily ever after once the reality hits you. I am no exception. Even I used to think that the actual story is quite different once you are married, until I met these lovely Brazilian couple. They gave me a totally new perspective about how wonderful the ‘after’ story could be!

love&road-Boracay Philippines

Hailing from a small city called Itajaí, south of Brazil, Natalie & Robson tell us that if we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet! ‘Crazy about Life ’ as they would like to introduce themselves, Rob & Nat have covered over 35 countries together, after they quit their jobs, rented their house and sold out everything else that they couldn’t carry along.

Married for almost two years now, Nat & Rob will tell us in their own words, what it takes to make the bond stronger and keep the spark alive while travelling ‘around the world…in love!’

Langkawi Malaysia cruise 2 a

 Hello Nat & Rob!

Though the name of your blog says Love & Road, I am still curious to know which one of them did hit you first? Was it a specific travel that has made you fall in love…or is it love, that made you hit the road?!

Nat  & Rob:  Well, the love took us to the road. Back in 2006, we were together for only 1 year and traveled to Argentina for a short holiday. Turns out that this short holiday was the seed of Love & Road. We realized that we need to travel, to discover the world. 1 year later we moved to Ireland and our passion for travels (and for each other) kept growing.

 How is it to leave everything that has been yours for years… your careers, house and all other luxuries and to set on a journey with the love of your life?

on road with your love

Nat  & Rob:  To leave the material things wasn’t that hard. During our preparation we have a kind of mantra: “Giving up something big for something bigger”. The possibility to travel the world without a specific date to stop is our big dream. The hardest part is to stay away from our family and friends. (and our lovely cat)

As we can know from your blog that your passports must be filled with quite a large number of stamps, covering  countries together. Given a chance, would you like to travel across them all over again?

Nat  & Rob:  So far we crossed 35 countries. Of course there are some that are really special for us and others we didn’t like so much. It’s normal, not everybody loves the same food, music, culture and people. We would travel across all of them again, to experience the countries that we didn’t liked from a different perspective.


What are the challenges you face travelling as a couple and how do you manage them?

Nat  & Rob:  We believe that we are doing good. We are together 24 hours for the past 10 months and haven’t killed each other! Hahahaha… Jokes apart, we are lucky to have each other, it smooths the sad days and boost the joy on the happy days.  For every choice, travel destination, article in the blog, money related, whatever, we always talk to each other about it. We are 100% true with each other. I believe that’s the secret.

the proposal

5. Where would be your next road affair?

Nat & Rob:  We have busy months ahead. In April I’ll run the Paris Marathon and then we will meet some Brazilian friends for a “Euro trip”.  In May we have a Travel Conference and after that  my parents will meet us in Italy. Can’t wait to hug them!

the malaysia kiss- love&road

Ahh…now after knowing about them, I have realized something. May be marriages are made in heaven, but to make it till the end, you need to sometimes get on the road and take a journey together. Because only the memories you make along the way with each other will be your story…just ‘yours’!

And that’s how they lived ‘happily ever after!

You can know about their love affairs with road, travel tips and a lot more in their blog Love and Road here . Also, you can follow them through their facebook page and twitter page

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