A Visit to Hussainsagar

This is the second and final part of the series of posts under ‘A Day in Hyderabad’ , the first part in the series chronicled my visit to the Charminar area of Hyderabad. This part is an account of my visit to Hussainsagar Lake, more importantly the Lumbini Park and Buddha Statue.

So here goes my story.

A Day in Hyderabad

Chapter 2: Hussainsagar

Checking out Google maps, and helped by some benevolent civilian, I had boarded the bus from Afzalganj to Hussainsagar. After a 30 minute ride, the lake came into view, and I got down. It was not difficult to locate the entrance to the Lumbini Park, following the pavement by the lake. A nominal entry fee, and some security checking later, I found myself strolling in the park. It was a few minuter after 5PM, and the January sky was a brilliant backdrop for the setting sun. The horizons wore magnificent shades of the sunset, as the sun flaunted its glory for the final time that day. The water glistened with a golden hue, as the horizon burst with regal shades of orange.

A magnificent sunset can make your day perfect!
A magnificent sunset can make your day perfect!

Lumbini Park, adjacent to Hussainsagar was a hub of activities. Children, families, teenagers, the elderly- everyone visibly enjoying themselves in the various entertaining opportunities at the park. There were quite a few rides that excited the children, while at other places, the lovers shyly wove their moments on benches. Families enjoyed picnics, while some other thought playing in the water of the artificial waterfall would be a good idea. There was something for everyone. I strolled over to the spot for boat rides. There were a number of options to enjoy the waterbody- from mechanised boats to jet ski to speed boats. I bought a ticket for the mechanised boat to visit the Buddha statue at the center of the lake.

The boat ride was resplendent with some splendid views of the sunset.

The view of the sunset from the boat.
The view of the sunset from the boat.

We could alight at the Buddha statue island, which was built replicating the Statue of Liberty. The Buddha statue was claimed to be the largest monolithic statue of Gautam Buddha in India. Carved out of a single granite rock, the statue now stood majestically at the Hussainsagar Lake.

The majestic Buddha statue
The majestic Buddha statue.

The site was worth spending some time, and shutter sounds were in plenty. I had to click some photographs too. The scene was photogenic with the Buddha statue and a magnificent sunset in the background.


Buddha Statue, Hussainsagar
Buddha Statue, Hussainsagar
Buddha Statue at Hussainsagar
Stare up at Lord Buddha!

After spending some time at the foot of the statue,enjoying the scene, I boarded a boat to take me back to the shore.

Getting back to the shore on the mechanised boat.
Getting back to the shore on the mechanised boat.

I had to miss out on the laser show which is reportedly an audio-visual delight. As I headed back home, the horizon looked like a peaceful bokeh. Maybe appropriately being a tribute to Lord Buddha’s message of peace. The sight looked pleasing, a rightful end of the day!

Hussaisagar after dark.
Hussainsagar after dark.

Walking by the Necklace Road, I watched vehicles zoom past with streaks of light. Lights can be visually appealing, as I reflected upon the nomenclature of the road. A glittering, shining necklace- rightfully!

Necklace Road? Rightly!
Necklace Road? Rightly!

Not quite an amazing photograph, but I am sure you would find a better view of the Necklace Road. Light streaks and bokeh enthusiasts, are you reading this?

Had I more time, I would have definitely treated myself at the food junction of eat street. A famous food joint in the city, just by the Hussainsagar. But some other time, maybe.

A juicy cob of boiled sweet corn ensured a fine end to the day. I choose not to post a photograph of this popular street-side delicacy. Because, hey corns can be tantalizing to taste buds! Should you be visiting Hyderabad soon, treat yourself to some!

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