A Trip to Dawki

The Surreal Dawki

Skeptical of the mystical scenes of nature the Google image searches showed, we had included Dawki in our itinerary in our recent Meghalaya Trip. Here follows a brief travelogue of our visit to Dawki.

We had set off from Shillong, and after visiting Riwai, we moved on towards Dawki. The journey to Dawki was abundant with nature, and the pristine breeze was rejuvenating. The roads were through green tracks of forests and not too far, the plains of Bangladesh were visible. Several streams and waterfalls adorned the tracks.

We stopped at one of the lesser famous waterfalls of Meghalaya to enjoy the view. It seemed like the state was richly blessed with waterfalls, and they were everywhere!

Waterfalls in abundance!
Waterfalls in abundance!

Notice the rock, how portentously it is balanced over the bridge? Well, we found it curious.

Nothing much? Wait, are you watching closely?
Nothing much? Wait, are you watching closely?

Now, the strangest thing about the region was that it shared border with Bangladesh, but how far was the border. Some BSF soldiers we had encountered pointed us at the direction of some farms when we had asked them. Surprisingly, there was no fencing and intense securities as we had expected!

We reached the hotspot of the area- The Dawki Lake. And what was truly spectacular was how magnificently clear the water was. What was astonishing was the waterbodies which were connected were also so much in stark contrast! A magical show seemed to have unfurled nature’s wonders to us!

The clarity of the Dawki lake!
The clarity of the Dawki lake!
You can literally see through the water!
You can literally see through the water!

You can literally see the bottom of the lake! Boatmen are available to take you around a trip for some nominal rates (around INR 300/boat), and experience the stellar view. We had to skip the boating as it was getting dark. And as was apparent, the sunlight is an addition to the experience, and it makes the scenario even more surreal. Why? It creates the imagery of flying boats! No Hogwarts tricks, just optical illusion, that is. See for yourself.

This fellow wanted to be clicked.
This fellow wanted to be clicked.

It did sadden me a bit that we missed this view. But hey, next time, maybe? At least, now that I know such an ethereal place does exist, I am willing to go there again! So here are some tips, if you’re visiting Dawki:

  1.  You can cover the Riwai-Dawki circuit in the same day, given you start from Shillong.
  2. Try visiting Dawki during the daytime for the best experience.
  3. Visit the Bangladesh border at the checkpost. It is surprising how it’s basically a mere walk to another region and culture, and you can just have random conversations with a Bangladeshi in the no-man’s land. (One friendly elder person approached us saying, “Welcome to Bangladesh. Come visit us some time.”) It was surprising to see how borders are just what we create, and they don’t exist in reality.
  4. Knowing a local from Shillong can be helpful for the trip, regarding arrangements and places you could miss out.

A visit to Dawki is sure to surprise you with the little wonders of nature!

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  • September 23, 2018 at 12:29 am

    A wonderfully written travalogue with insights about Dawki. I had been to Dawki in the last year and I am now on my second trip to the place.


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