A quintessential ‘gizmos, gadgets and gears’ list for efficient travelling

No matter what kind of a traveler you are, the need for certain gadgets always arises while on a travel spree. Be it flying to The States, or backpacking to Dharamsala or a holiday trip to Goa, you’d want to make your journey and stay a relaxed one.


We bring to you a list of essential gadgets and gears, that would make your life a lot easier than before.


Would you like to fall sick on your most awaited holiday trip? No, right? Nobody would.

The chances of falling sick arises a lot while travelling mainly due to the intake of unclean drinking water. A water purifier would clean up normal stream or tap water with the help of filters made of charcoal or other materials. These purifiers come in different types ranging from sterilization lasers to iodine tablets.

SteriPEN Ultra water purifier has proved to be an effective one and is used by majority of travelers. It is a small, user friendly and portable gadget and filters water using UV rays with the touch of a button. Once you see a smiley face on the screen, your water is fit to be drunk.

SteriPEN Water Purifier
SteriPEN Water Purifier


Can you imagine a life without power? I’m sure any of us would go haywire without our phones, or camera or Ipods working, especially when you’re travelling alone and there’s nobody to offer a help to you.

Guard yourself against such exigencies and carry a Portable Battery charger as they come in handy while travelling. These small devices are of so much help these days especially when your countless works on internet drain your phone battery. These chargers come in various sizes, brands and types, offering single, dual or multiple gadget charging facilities and can be purchased online or from any mobile store.

A dual port charger.
A dual port charger.


Whether you are up for water adventure sports like rafting or trapped in rainy conditions, these waterproof cases would safeguard  your gadgets from moisture, in every condition.

Now, you can watch movies, click pictures, play games, and text message your friends even in the wettest circumstances and without having to worry about the safety of your gadgets. These waterproof cases comes in different shapes and sizes for various sizes of cameras, different types of phones and other electronic devices.

Waterproof tablet case
Waterproof tablet case


You never know when you get trapped in situations of opening a bottle or a can or maybe a letter.

This weird looking pocket multi-tool, Wallet Ninja, can cater to your multitude needs single-handedly. It’s a 16-in-one device made from heat treated steel and can be used as a phone stand, a ruler, a peeler, a screwdriver and what not.

Wallet Ninja Source: the Inquirer
Wallet Ninja
Source: the Inquirer


The word “selfies” became the top word of the year 2013 in Oxford Dictionary. We now know how obsessed people are with selfies.

No more awkwardly visible arms in your selfies now! Selfie sticks are telescopic camera/ smartphone grips and can extend upto 1 meter. You can easily take a ‘groupie’ with a large bunch of travel friends without having to worry about the screen size of your camera or phone. All you need to do, is use the self timer app in your phone, hold the stick and say Cheese!

Usage of Selfie sticks.
The ubiquitous selfie sticks. Credits: Lauren Jolly Roberts


Does your bag get too messy with all those gadgets? Do you get a headache while trying to adjust your gadgets in the least possible space for travelling?

Try the Grid-it organization system. This brilliant system lets you accommodate all of your devices without having to discard any of it in frustration.  Made up of a weave of rubberized elastic bands, it holds small objects, their respective chargers and what not, neatly in place.

Source: Mashable
Source: Mashable

We hope this simplifies your travelling experience in your next trip. Do let us know in the comments section below.


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