A Day in Shillong

Ah! Shillong. I could start by saying that something about the city charmed me at first sight. And what the city revealed to me in the meager time I spent, earned it a spot in my list of most favorable places. (In this list, Shillong ranks second only to Pokhara.) So, here’s a brief account of a day I spent in Shillong.

The journey to Shillong

On way to Shillong.

I had started off to Shillong from Tezpur on a bus, early morning. You can find buses and cars to Shillong, at the terminus outside the Guwahati station. The 100 kilometers of road from Guwahati to Shillong was surprisingly pleasant and I should say makes for a rather smooth drive. The journey through the soothing green hills resplendent with streams and waterfalls and Umsaw forest, the cool breeze when the Umiam Lake comes into view, the lively farms- it calls for constant appraisal!

Rendezvous with the city!

The weather seemed to agree with me and so did the vibes of the city. As expected, a plethora of posters for concerts, of predominantly rock genre, adorned Shillong. (Also, I had missed a performance by Megadeath.) This was hardly a surprise as the city’s affinity for music is well known! It was almost 4 in the evening, and even though we had journeyed everyday since the last 6 days, we were yet to succumb to exhaustion. (I don’t know how my parents kept their energy levels optimum, given their age. I am sure I felt older than them!)

Maybe, it was the weather of the North East, maybe it was the immense beauty that kept us rejuvenated. Anyway, so Shillong, as per my first scans seemed to quite fashionable as well. I have never been to Paris, but I am sure Shillong won’t disappoint you if you are a fashionista. We called a cab to take us to Rynjah, where we were to accommodate at a relative’s place. And then came the ups and downs – literally. The streets of Shillong had eccentric and contrasting elevations, which seemed to be quite stressful for a driver.

Ward’s Lake

We changed clothes and refreshed up with a cup of chai and some snacks and soon, we were on our way to Ward’s Lake. It was around 4:30, and the grey skies were portentous. However, rain did not play a spoilsport and Ward’s Lake seemed to quintessentially styled up for autumn!

Boating seemed like an idea and so there we were. The photograph qualities are not very impressive, but hey I had to paddle and steer as well!

Ward's Lake dressed up for autumn!
Ward’s Lake dressed up for autumn!
Boating around in Ward's Lake.
Boating around in Ward’s Lake.
The picturesque Ward's Lake.
The picturesque Ward’s Lake.

Ward’s Lake appeared to be like the kind of place you could spend your autumn in. The fall season was being celebrated by nature, before winter set in. Walking around the lake, boating after some exhausting boating exercises- the exhaustion withered away much in the manner of the leaves of the trees around. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in their own way.

The vibrancy at Police Bazaar!

The crowd at Police Bazar, Shillong!
The crowd at Police Bazar, Shillong!

Then, we headed to Police Bazaar which seemed to be the happening hub of the city. Shops, cafes, shopping arcades, restaurants conglomerated in a iridescent display. People poured out into the streets and the crowd was fashionably adding further colors! The crafts at the handicraft shops were impressive and we could not just have enough. The showpieces ranged from crafts on bamboo to wood to stones and the craftsmanship was astonishing!

After shopping for sometime and ending the day with a treat of delicious steamed chicken momos!

We retired for an early night as the next day we were to make an anticipated trip to Riwai and Dawki.

Although, we could not visit most of Shillong’s landmarks due to the short time, there’s always a next time. And yes, Shillong, I will definitely be back for more!

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2 thoughts on “A Day in Shillong

  • October 21, 2016 at 6:42 am

    if i want to go for camping, river rafting, caves, than how many days i need to stay in shillong tour?

    • October 23, 2016 at 7:37 am

      Hello, Rahul. Well, given the sheer number of experiences and places around Shillong, I will recommend at least a week, to properly scout the area around. You can trek and camp at Cherrapunji, visit Mawsynram. You can cover Mawlynngong and Dawki in a day if you start fairly early. Seems you’re interested in adventure, count a day for waterfall rappelling.


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