A Charming Trip to the Old Awadh Capital

When in Lucknow, one’s senses will experience an overload of beautiful images, soothing sounds and impeccable flavours. Its cuisine has spread all over the country, and it is known as a hub for Urdu literature. Lucknow is also a nerve centre of Hindustani classical music. The hedonistic and cultural leanings of its old royalty lived on in the musical styles that emerged from this city. To experience Lucknow, the traveller should shed the restrictiveness of chauffeured cars and instead explore with freedom. Self drive cab services in Lucknow are an ideal way for one to feel the original vibes of the city.

Landmarks of Lucknow

Lucknow Gate
Image by Stefan H

Lucknow City is often considered a city crafted with poetry, and it has always held an important cultural place in Indian history. Its grand Awadhi architecture is influenced by elements of Shia Islam, and one will see this in fluent style at the Bara Imambara shrine. Highlights in this complex of structures include the Asfi mosque and stepwell. The gateways and arches along with the minarets are the defining feature of this vast building, evidence of the Nawabi love for Mughal structural designs. The mazy collection of passageways that is the Bhool-Bhullaiya is one of the most interesting sections of the Bara Imambara. One can get lost in this labyrinth; it is best just to wander around and enjoy the views from the stone windows, or maybe even find a way to the ceiling.

The Rumi Darwaza is believed to be inspired by the Sublime Porte gateway in Istanbul and is an icon of Lucknow. This awe-inspiring work of architecture blends in with the busy traffic that jostles through all day – a perfect symbol of Lucknow’s imposing past blending with its modern-day avatar.  

The Shopping and Eating Zones


When driving around Lucknow, a visit to its vibrant markets is always recommended. Hazratganj Market is arguably the commercial heart and soul of Uttar Pradesh’s capital. The market is famous for its chikan embroidery amongst other things, and the street here is another tasty attraction. Aminabad is another famous market, especially famous for jewellery and handicrafts. When it comes to food, the tunday kebab is one of the top Lucknow dishes to savour. Tunday Kababi is a century-old restaurant that is flocked by foodies who love the authentic version of this minced meat delicacy. Lucknow is also famous for its biryani, and the Idrish Hotel is the place to have a taste.

For those looking for a self drive taxi service in Lucknow, companies like Zoomcar offer a convenient and affordable app-based booking platform. A large range of cars along with assurances like 24/7 on-road support add to the attraction of exploring Lucknow in a rental. A city that breathes culture deserves a detailed inspection. Appreciate the pace and hospitality of Lucknow – explore and enjoy pleasant surprises.

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    Lucknow is really awesome place to visit.
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