7 Reasons why you should do a solo trip to Ladakh

Ladakh is another land of wonder in the country full of wonders; it has been honored with several names with a degree of truth- ‘Little Tibet’, ‘timeless land’ and ‘the last Shangri-la’ are a few. It is also called the broken piece of moon, due to the serene beauty of the arid land. Ladakh is a high altitude plateau in the North of the Himalayas situated geographically in Tibet- due to similar land topography. Hence a home to many friendly Tibetan refugees with their culture and religion.

The place is basically a desert but worth visiting alone. A solo trip to Ladakh is far better than to travel with mates, you can have a real adventure trip all by yourself and you won’t regret it in a lifetime!

Here are a few reasons why you should take that solo trip to Ladakh-

  1. Breathe!


I am not kidding! Think about the time you are going to spend with yourself, and you will realize that you will get time to breathe. Standing on the edge of a cliff and taking the fresh air, nothing else would bother you; except to be careful that you don’t fall! 😛

  1. Get along with yourself!

leh ladakh

It’s been really long since you actually got time to bond with yourself; and you are a very important part of your life. You can spend time to know others; can’t you spare time for yourself?

Take that trip alone and bridge the gap between you and you.

  1. Photo credits

A solo trip doesn’t mean you’d be alone in all photographs.

You know you’ll go through a lot when you travel solo, but wait a minute! You are going to credit yourself for the record breaking selfie that you take while you are discovering the secrets of the sun.

And of course, no one can stop you from posting it!

  1. Cook your trip!

Chalk your own path! Source

You are going to be the boss of the trip, you will decide where to go, how long to stay and also where to follow step 1 and 3 mentioned above!

Full independence and no one to mock or interrupt for whatever the reason may be. Take a map and then go on a road not taken. You won’t even have to wait for your mates!

  1. Meet the friendly feet!

You could make some real friends.

I chose this heading because of the rhyming, nothing personal actually; what it really means here is what matters. I am talking of the people in Ladakh. The locals or the army officials, both are said to be very helpful; why not go and check the fact?! May be you get new folks? Or learn something from them?

And, some more friends..
  1. Real adventurous!

Lost in the middle.

When you ride alone in the middle of that desert, you will definitely come across numerous obstacles. Now if you think as deep as I am thinking- you will learn to rise after a fall, learn from your mistakes and then be happy with your present.

In less deep meaning, there are several risks involved, and the real fun will be in surviving it.

A good place to get lost, isn’t it?

PS: Don’t think you are in a mission, go prepared, also carrying extra food will be no harm!

  1. Lifetime achievement award!

Sadly, all that hard work won’t get you extra pay in your job (unless you are a travel writer with sponsors), but you can proudly give a pat at your own back. No one would ever take this moment- when you feel that you have conquered the world, so isn’t it equal to a lifetime achievement award?!

Travel, Travel alone if you have to, But Travel you must!

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