6 places to go this vacation if you love your Chai!

The scenic mountains, fresh air and women with baskets behind their back plucking tea leaves. The lush tea estates of India are places of serenity and make a great trip for every chai lover. Be it the mysterious mountain trails, sparkling streams and hill tops crowned by clouds, it is all a visual treat.  Can’t thank the British enough for leaving behind tea, one of the best things.

Here is why tea estates make a great place for getaways and relaxation. Chai lover or not, trip to one of these tea plantations should be on your bucket list.

Munnar, Kerala

Image Source : KeralaTourism

If you live anywhere down south, make sure to go on a road trip to Munnar, that way you can have an excellent experience of this panoramic hill station. It is popular for growing special flavorsome teas, there is also a old tea factory that uses traditional methods for tea production.  At sunset, you can get a spectacular view of the hills  carpeted with tea plantations.


This picturesque range of undulating hills has tea growing at  high enough elevations for the climate to be beautiful almost throughout the year. Nilgiri Tea, one of India’s most distinctive teas, has been named after the Nilgiris or Blue Mountains where it is grown, because of the blue Kutinji flower which covers the hills when it blooms once in 12 years. The hilly landscape of Nilgiri , unlike Darjeeling and Assam, grows tea plants all over the year. The major teas produced on the Nilgiri hills are the Oolong and black tea. Enough reasons for you to plan a tea-tastic holiday at Nilgiris.

Wayanad, Kerala

Image Source : Planetden

This place is nothing less than a nature lover’s paradise in God’s own country.A velvety carpet of fresh green tea leaves stretches out before you as you climb the hilly ranges of Kalpetta. The tea plants are planted at just enough distances to enable the harvesters to pluck the right leaves. Also, do pay a visit to the waterfalls and lakes!

Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg Tea 1

Coorg Tea 2

If you happen to go to Coorg, book a home stay and enjoy the pork curry and visit the elephant camp. And, of course you have the scenic view points and lovely tea plantations. The lush green jungles and vibrant wildlife doubled with breathtaking view points, trip to coorg will not just be about tea but also an adventurous one!

Johrat, Assam

Image Source : Indium Bound

If you are an ardent tea lover, start your tea trail with Johrat. This place has the world’s largest and oldest tea experimental station. Tea from Assam has it’s own rich flavor with a strong colour that makes it perfect for a morning cup of tea. Plan a trip to Johrat and fall in love with tea all over again.

Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling Tea 1

Darjeeling Tea 2

Here you can find the Chinese variety of tea plantations being grown. The Happy Valley Tea estate is a tea garden in Darjeeling, the bushes in this garden are as old as 80 and it is also close to the Darjeeling town. Just the thought of sipping hot tea in the gorgeous weather of Darjeeling makes me want to leave everything and go there soon. So what are you waiting for?

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