6 Must Visit Places in India

India is a vast country having diverse and exotic places. Some of them, actually quite many of the unexplored sights are present at different nook and corner of India, which we haven’t seen yet and are worth seeing once in a lifetime. Visiting these places, will for sure , be the best memory you can have, of amazing experiences and breath taking views that will leave you spell bound. These are the must-see places, spread across different parts of the country waiting for you to visit it. Here are the list of few such places, while there can be plenty more away from your sight.



Not much of a known name, nor frequently heard. This is the smallest hill station in India. Matheran which is only 90 km from Mumbai, provides a very panoramic view of sunrise and sunset. Though being the smallest hill station, it will surprise you by its views.

Lonar Sarovar


A meteor hits the planet and causes destruction. Some destruction can turn out to be breath taking, in a good way. The Lonar Lake in Buldana district, Maharashtra, was created by a meteor impact. This is a saline soda lake. Ever wondered if a meteor impact could create such beauty.



There is not a place in ladakh that should be left unseen. Leh, the capital of the Himalayan Kingdom is best experienced via road trips. Wanderlust– this place is.



Amongst the places like Darjeeling, Shimla, Manali, etc., you must haven’t heard this name. Munnar is a town in the southern region of Kerala. It is a sister of Darjeeling in South. It’s practically fully covered with tea plantations, up to 7000 feet above sea level. If you can go to Darjeeling, then you should once visit this place too.



Kanyakumari is also known as Cape Comorin. It is situated at the confluence of Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and The Bay of Bengal. This has a spiritual importance too, a holy site for Hindus – Kanyakumari Temple. What would make you wanderlust here is, due to the change in the weather, the position of the Sun also changes, which causes different colour shades on the seas, which will leave you awestruck.

Eastern Ghats

eastern ghats

The Eastern Ghats are the range of mountains along the Eastern Coast of India. Most of the places here are yet to be explored. It has a beauty never seen. Araku Valley – home to different tribes, is a small hill station in Andhra Pradesh.

Western Ghats


The Western Ghats run through the entire west coast of India. Diversity in flora and fauna is seen , while many are still undiscovered. It is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. It has scenic beauty and nature’s essence.

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