5 Tourist Traps to Avoid in Agra

Are you fascinated by the delicacies of Agra? Do you like it more than anywhere else and want to make your every trip to Agra truly fascinating. Then, here’s something that you should take care of while pursuing your dream destination. Agra may seem to be filled with inherent opulence but it’s latter has many backdrops. Agra is increasingly deceptive to every traveler, old or new and it doesn’t give a second chance. So, here”s your opportunity to know what not to do in Agra.

There are many topics to be rolled upon. Let’s get by them one by one :-

1) The Petha Scam

Agra Petha
You would find a lot many people selling this! | Image Credits : aadamalovely

A petty issue, isn’t it. But yes, the most famous delicacy of Agra can spoil your dream of eating the petha of a place that specializes in it. Everyday, thousands of sweetshop owners prepare lots of tasty petha but besides that many prepare pseudo pethas or ones with wrong filling, wrong ingredients or it may happen that you end up buying something else but you were told that it was petha. Such a big scam running on such a small dish.  But beware, the thing which feels so sweet may be something else.

2) The Deceptive Guides

Want to visit Taj Mahal or any other monument and want a guide. Then beware!! because between three guides that you find, one is a cheater. They are usually people with very less knowledge and just a hunger to earn. All of us have seen Slumdog  Millionare, the Oscar winning movie and so we all must be knowing how it is like.

3) The Pickpocket Industry

scammmers indiaToo obsessed with yourself on the security that you provide to your purse? Again, there are ample of pickpockets belonging to every age group just waiting for you to give a trail and then the rest happens. They are professionals and increasingly deceptive. In that case, you can use many helpful things like The Money Capsule or The Thief Deception purse.( #thiefdeception)

4) Thirsty ? Don’t event think to buy a Water Bottle

Many tourists have shared their experience on how they bought water bottles and were hit by sore throats. So, carry your own bottles or purchase one from a well defined shop not a rural person hanging around the corner.

5) Beware of Hawkers

hawkers in agra
Credits : Ben Bieske

Be very much aware of those who sell products at very cheap rates and which can turn out to be hollow and naught but ash. Literally, would you believe getting a 32 GB pendrive for Rs 100. Absolutely not. Similarly, You’ll have to drive safely and not even try to roam the outskirts as they are filled with scenarios you’ll hate to see.

Last of all, guys, try to be friendly but be bold inside. Agra is not a place for innocent tourists, it’s for those who enjoy keeping to their senses. And in the end, have the time of your life.

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